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Welcome to VerticalReference.com!

VerticalReference.com was created in 2002 by helicopter pilot Rey Madrid. VR has seen many changes since that original home page. We hope to help all in the helicopter world through the professional exchange of information.

VerticalReference.com  (VR) is presently owned and operated by Lyn Burks. 

About Lyn: Lyn began his aviation career in early 1991 at the age of 23. Although Lyn was a US Marine (85 – 89), he was civilian trained in Robinson Helicopters. During the initial years of Lyn’s aviation career, he was also working full time for a Municipal Fire Rescue Department. He served 10 years with Fire Rescue and retired as a Fire Captain to enter a full time aviation career 1999. Lyn currently holds an ATP/CFII Helicopter with nearly 6000 hours of flying experience. He recently "semi-retired" from full time employment as Corporate Pilot flying an Agusta A109E in the Southeast, U.S. for Florida Power and Light. In addition to corporate flying, Lyn has experience in several sectors of the helicopter industry to include News Gathering, Charter, Utility, Instruction, and a 5 year stint in EMS flying the S76C+.

Lyn also serves as a helicopter industry recruiter who has written several online EBooks and articles about Career Development in the helicopter industry. He is also the owner/developer of the popular helicopter industry websites Justhelicopters.com, Justhelicopters.TV, Verticalreference.com, and HelicopterSalaries.com. Presently, Lyn resides in North Florida with his wife of 19 years and one daughter.

Verticalreference.com is an ongoing project. We are continually adding and updating content and depend in large part upon input from the helicopter community to keep the information current and pertinent. If you have question or comments regarding Verticalreference.com please contact us.