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  • Industry Promotes Community
  • Stanislaus County Sheriff's Aviation
  • Don't Drone Me Bro'
  • Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Neeraj Maden
  • My 2 Cents Worth
  • Hillsborough County Sheriff's Aviation
  • Accidents
  • Product/Services Focus
  • Checkride - Training Column

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  • Erickson Lifts, Oracle Sails
  • Heli-Ag: Tough Row to Hoe
  • SMS: Only for big operators?
  • Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Jeanette Eaton of Sikorsky Aircraft
  • My 2 Cents Worth
  • Accidents
  • Product/Services Focus




Rotorcraft Pro Magazine

 Title Description
May 2014DownloadFatigue: The silent, stealthy killer, US Army UH-72A SAR, Hard & Fast: Fire Attack, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Kim Barwick of Mauna Loa Helicopters, My 2 Cents Worth, Accidents, Product/Services Focus
April 2014DownloadHeli-Expo 2014 Photo and Video Review, 2014 Military Helicopter Outlook, CA Air National Guard Training Exercise – Soaring Angel, Future UAV - Roadable VTOL, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - George Dona, My 2 Cents Worth, Accidents, Product/Services Focus
March 2014DownloadThe Less the Merrier: Perils of Additionally Insured, Diversification is Key - All American Aviation, From Tip to Tail - Precision HeliParts, Personal Protective Equipment Part 2, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Diana Deimling, My 2 Cents Worth, Accidents, Produc
February 2014DownloadOEM Update, Airbus Helicopters CS3 Customer Support, Perceptions of Safety, The Bell 47, Personal Protective Equipment, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Tony Burson, My 2 Cents Worth, Accidents, Product/Services Focus
January 2014DownloadThe Leading Edge of Technology: The CAE Experience, VA Benefits & Helicopter Training, Trends in Helicopter Simulation, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Henrik Bjorklund, My 2 Cents Worth, Accidents, Product/Services Focus
December 2013DownloadTake 5! A New Idea, Safety's Hazard - Maintenance Safety, IHST Status Report, AMTC VIDEO / Photo Review, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Kevin Nelson, My 2 Cents Worth, Accidents, Product/Services Focus
November 2013DownloadSikorksy's Half-Century Workhorse - Utility Ops, MRO - Paradigm Aerospace Corporation, MRO - Southeast Aerospace Corporation, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Dean Springer, My 2 Cents Worth, Accidents, Product/Services Focus
October 2013 IssueDownloadTravis County STARFlight, Helicopter EMS Weather-Related Accidents, Helicopter Career Tips, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Lyn Burks of Rotorcraft Pro, My 2 Cents Worth, Accidents, Product/Services Focus
September 2013 IssueDownloadAviation Specialties Unlimited - Night Vision Business, White Hot - Adding a Thermal View with Enhanced Vision, ALEA Photo Review, Bashing a Million $ with a Hammer!, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Adam Aldous of Night Flight Concepts, My 2 Cents Worth, Accident
August 2013 IssueDownloadMD Helicopters - Reviving NOTAR, Avionics Upgrades Breathe New Life Into Old Birds, Trends in Helicopter Pilot Insurance, Helicopter Leasing Challenges & Opportunities, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Heidi McBride, My 2 Cents Worth, Accidents, Product/Services F
July 2013 IssueDownloadInside this issue we have created a very useful Buyer’s Guide and Services Directory. With over 3400 helicopter industry company listings in 38 categories.
June 2013 IssueDownloadFairfax County Police Aviation Unit, Running Shoot-out, Elite Flight Training & Management, My Two Cents Worth, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Glenn Wargo, Helicopter Accidents, Product/Services Focus
May 2013 IssueDownloadBristow - UK SAR Contract, Aerial Firefighters Prepare for Busy Season, 1 Day, 3 Missions, 4 Lives Saved - U.S. Coast Guard, Networking for, Helicopter Pro's, My Two Cents Worth Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Nicole Vandelaar, HeliPhotos from the Field, Helicop
April 2013 IssueDownloadInside Heli-Expo 2013 with VIDEO COVERAGE, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Scott Skola | HeliPhotos from the Field, MRO East Coast - Rotortech Services, MRO West Coast - HeliTender, How Helicopter Pilots Die, Helicopter Accidents
March 2013 IssueDownloadHelicopter In-Flight Refueling with VIDEO, My Two Cents Worth, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Paul Schaaf, Fairfax County PD, HeliPhotos from the Field, NextGen Military Helicopters, Helicopter Accidents, Product/Services Focus
February 2013 IssueDownloadOEM Updates + Videos, My Two Cents Worth, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Randy Rowles, ERA Training, HeliPhotos from the Field, Maintenance - Bucket of Rotorwash, What Gives? - EMS Hour Requirements, Helicopter Accidents, Product/Services Focus
January 2013 IssueDownloadOEM Training Snapshot - American Eurcopter Training Center + Video, My Two Cents Worth, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Ray Prouty, Aerodynamicist, HeliPhotos from the Field, Trends in Simulation, Eye on Frasca, Salute to My Instrument Instructors, Helicopter Acc
December 2012 IssueDownloadOEM Training Snapshot - Bell Training Academy + Video, My Two Cents Worth, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Stacy Sheard, Sikorsky Test Pilot, HeliPhotos from the Field, How the GI Bill is Helping Military Veterans, Unmanned KMAX in Afghanistan, Helicopter Acciden
November 2012 IssueDownloadUTILITY - Life on the Line, My Two Cents Worth, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Matt Zuccaro, HeliPhotos from the Field, Helicopter Pilot Kidnapped - Twice!, Troubleshooting Your Pilot, Helicopter Accident, Product/Services Focus
October 2012 IssueDownloadEMS - One of the Most Dangerous Jobs in America, My Two Cents Worth, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Gary Young, HeliPhotos from the Field, Safety Audits: Why? What's in it for us?, Unprotected Pilots Can Lose Everything - Insurance, Helicopter Accidents, Product
September 2012DownloadALEA Photo & Video Preview, My Two Cents Worth, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Bob Yerex, HeliPhotos from the Field, NVG Civil Industry: Past, Present, Future, Master Thy Environment, Helicopter Accidents, Product/Services Focus
August 2012 IssueDownloadX3 on US Tour with Video, My Two Cents Worth, Meet a Rotorcraft Pro - Barry Lloyd, HeliPhotos from the Field, An Export to Africa, Garmin G500H with Video, When Birds Strike, Helicopter Accidents, Product/Services Focus
July 2012 IssueDownload2012 Helicopter Industry Buyer's Guide.
June 2012 IssueDownloadALEA ISSUE - VIDEO FEATURE & Story - Georgia State Patrol Aviation Division, Primary Flight Training - A Market Redefined, The M Word - Maintenance, HeliPhotos from the Field, Products & Services, Accident Watch
May 2012 IssueDownloadSAFETY - It Takes a Village to Stop the Accidents, TECHNOLOGY - Apps & Ops, Staying Connected in the Air with HawkEye Link, HeliPhotos from the Field, Products & Services Focus, Accident Watch
April 2012 IssueDownloadFirefighting & SAR Issue, Night Firefighting: Why Shutdown at Sundown?, Fire Academy Brings Helicopter Community Together, Wildland Firefighter Foundation, HeliPhotos from the Field, Products & Services, Accident Watch
March 2012 IssueDownloadMilitary Issue, Dear Mom, I'm Alive, Military to Civilian Transition, Aging U.S. Military Fleet, Heli-Expo 2012, HeliPhotos from the Field, Products & Services, Accident Watch
Feb 2012 IssueDownloadFocus on Simulation & FTD's, How Technology Changed the World of Simulation, Regulations: Market Makers or Killers?, A Tale of Two Schools, Products & Services, Accident Watch
January 2012 IssueDownloadRPM Flies the Enstrom 480B, Nightmares of a Helicopter Pilot, North America's Top MRO's, 2011 HeliSuccess, Embry-Riddle Octoberwest
December 2011 IssueDownloadHangar Talk, History of REACH Air Medical, RPM Editors Choice Top Products
2011 Issue 9DownloadHistoric Helicopters Part 1 - Fokker FW 61; NightCon2011 Event Coverage; Flying in Majorca; Company Profile: Elite Helicopters; Custom EMS Interiors by Spectrum Aeromed; The Next Generation in the Helicopter Industry
2011 Issue 8DownloadA Phoenix Rises from the Ashes in Iraq; Crew Chiefs Keep Apaches Fighting; HeliSuccess 2011; Offshore EMS; Rega - The Swiss Way of Rescue; Crew Care
2011 Issue 7Download2011 Buyers Guide - This month we present our Rotorcraft Professional Annual Buyer's Guide. Inside you will find information on companies from every facet of the helicopter industry.
2011 Issue 6DownloadALEA Issue, Alabama State Trooper Aviation Unit, German POLIZEI, LASD Aero Bureau, American Helicopter Society, Product Focus - Trakka Beam Tactical Search Lights
2011 Issue 5DownloadBird's Eye View: Alabama's EF4 Tornados, Flight Safety: The Morning After, Rotorcraft Pioneers Part XIV: Joe Mashman, Lighting Up the Sky: Rotorcraft Lighting
2011 Isuue 4DownloadArticle & Video - Going Backstage: 2011 HELI-EXPO Fly In, Aircraft Registration Requirements Revamped, Rotorcraft Pioneers Part XIII: Les Morris,Flight Simulators: FRASCA
2011 Issue 3DownloadHangar Talk, Yulista Aviation: First Impressions Count Big!, Rotorcraft Pioneers Part XII: Floyd Carlson, Rumblings from Independence Avenue: Turbulence Ahead for HEMS?
2011 Issue 2DownloadFAA Broadens Requirements, Frank Robinson Interview, Rotorcraft Pioneers Part XI: Frank Robinson, Company Snapshot: Griffin Aerospace Models
2011 Issue 1DownloadTraining Helicopters Benefit Iraqi Aviation, GOMER - Working in the Gulf: Part 3, Two Crew or Not Two Crew: NVG Dilemma, Robinson's R66 Turbine, Safety: Do we really need new rules?
2010 Issue 12DownloadColorado HeliOps & Scenario Based Training, Interview with Kurt Robinson Part II, Company Profile: Helicopter Specialties, Snapshot: Paradise Helicopters
2010 Issue 11DownloadRotorcraft Pioneers Part X: Igor Sikorsky - Father of the Helicopter, GOMER - Flying in the Gulf of Mexico - Part II VIDEO, Interview with Sergei Sikorsky
2010 Issue 10DownloadNight Vision Enhancement Options, Rotorcraft Pioneers Part IX: Wes Lematta, GOMER Part I: Working in the Gulf of Mexico - VIDEO FEATURE
2010 Issue 9DownloadRotorcraft Pioneers Part VIII: AUTOGIRO, NESMPA: Leading the Way to Safer Industry, EMS Customization , American Heroes Airshow
2010 Issue 8DownloadArmy & Air Force Rotorcraft Pioneers - Part VII, NESMPA: Life at the Sharp End, Product Reviews
2010 Issue 7DownloadNAVAL Rotorcraft Pioneers - Part VI, Vector Aerospace Revisited - VIDEO, Kurt Robinson - Interview, Progress with Fatigue in EMS
2010 Issue 6DownloadArmy & Air Force Rotorcraft Pioneers, NEMSPA Life at the Sharp End, Product Reviews.
2010 Issue 5DownloadRotorcraft Pioneers Part IV, Chasing the Golden Hour, Advanced Training with FlightSafety International -VIDEO FEATURE, JR Aviation - Company Profile
2010 Issue 4DownloadRotorcraft Pioneers Part III, Air Evac Lifeteam in Haiti, Heli Expo Roundup, Feature: When Discretion is the Better Part of Valor
2010 FebruaryDownloadPilot Profile - Paul Richtmyer - Reluctant Hero, Rotorcraft Pioneers Part II, Mayo ONE, Sikorsky Innovations
2010 JanuaryDownloadRotorcraft Pioneers, Helicopter Pilots: The Final Safety Gate, PHI Flies ADS-B, NESPA, Haiti: A Little Perspective
2009 DecemberDownloadWinter Ops, WAAS'ology 101, NEXTGEN Implementation, GOM Lease for Sale, Why Do We Eat Out Young?
2009 Oct/NovDownloadFlight Training Funding, Afraid of the Dark, Kansas Aviation, Max Viz, Rotorcraft Museums
2009 SeptemberDownloadAdvanced Training Academy, HAI President Testifies, Aerial Surveillance Systems, Island Helicopter, Sikorsky S92
2009 AugustDownloadGoodrich - Saving More Lives, Erickson Air-Crane, Sikorsky MH-60T, Rotheta-Finding Emergency Beacons
2009 JulyDownloadPapillon Helicopters, WxWorx
2009 JuneDownloadStuck Pedals, Trickle Down Technology, Northwest Helicopters
2009 MayDownload2009 Helicopter Industry Buyer's Guide
2009 AprilDownloadUS Coast Guard - Rescue Swimmers, The Hot Load - Time Saver or Time Waster, Company Profile - Bijan Air, Product Profile - Foxtronics
2009 MarDownloadUS Coast Guard, The Phone Interview, Company Profile - Air BP, Product Profile - BluLink
2009 FebDownloadThe Huey II, Company Profile - WestWind Technologies, Coping With Flight Test Nerves
2009 JanDownloadMD Explorer - American Aviation at Its Best, Company Profile - Specialized Helicopter, Product Focus Max-Viz EVS-1500
2008 DecDownload2008 Top Products, Fatigue in Aviation, Managing Fatigue in EMS Pilots, Company Profile - California Aviation
2008 NovDownloadEMS Pilots - Urged to Sleep During Nightshifts, Air Evac Lifeteam - Datalink:The Virtual CoPilot
2008 OctDownloadGlass Cockpit Flying Skills, NBAA 2008 - BA609, HeliSuccess - Focus on Your Future
2008 SeptDownloadDark Horse 13- Hal Baker, Vietnam Vet Pilot, HEMS NVG, Axsys Technologies, FreeFlight 2101
2008 AugDownloadSikorsky - The X2 and the Men Who Make It Possible, Rules of Reference - Developing a Rescue Capable Air Unit, Vector AeroSpace
2008 JulyDownloadFAA Puts Focus on EMS Helicopter Safety, Getting the Maximum from VFR Minimums, Agusta Westland Grand
2008 JuneDownloadBig Brother Is Watching, XRay Vision, A/C System Repair
2008 MayDownload2008 Annual Buyers Guide
2008 AprDownloadAeronautical Decision Making - A Survival Guide, The Making of an Air Evac Pilot, Live and Learn - Lesson in LTE

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