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Aero Dynamix Inc., located in Euless Texas, is very proud to announce that they have developed a support program that allows their customers to not only have the safest and most effective NVG cockpits available when they initially receive them but also an effective method to insure those cockpits stay safe and effective as they operate and maintain them.

“The Federal Aviation Administration, and rightly so, has recently developed a very keen interest in the world of night vision cockpit modifications” stated General Manager Dennis Trout. “It has released a special emphasis notice to their inspectors concerning the inspection of night vision imaging system lighting installations in the form of Special Emphasis notice 8900.152 ” Dennis continued.

The growth of the night vision goggle market has been tremendous over the last few years and some of that growth has been relatively non standard and up to the interpretation of the individual inspector. According to the letter to FAA inspectors “Aviation Safety (AVS) personnel have recently completed an assessment of NVIS equipped air carriers. The assessment concluded that a significant number of air carriers conducting NVG operations have not been maintaining NVIS equipment in accordance with the instructions for continued airworthiness (ICA) issued with the NVIS Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). Additionally, reviews of several air carriers’ OpSpec D093 have shown that the term ‘night vision device’ was not clear. The term ‘night vision device’ was intended to include all necessary equipment that is installed or modified as part of the entire NVIS, not just the NVGs. FAA Order 8900.1, Flight Standards Information Management System (FSIMS), Volume 4, Chapter 7, Section 4, Night Vision Imaging Systems, ssubparagraph 4-1128F3), states ‘The reliability of the NVIS and safety of flight operations is dependant on the operators adhering to the instructions for continued airworthiness (ICA).’ The NVIS lighting ICAs and the NVG maintenance document are required to be listed in OpSpec D093. Part 135, § 135.413 requires air carriers to maintain their aircraft in an Airworthy condition, and 14 CFR part 119, § 119.5(l) requires air carriers to operate their aircraft in accordance with the air carrier certificate and appropriate OpSpecs. “

Aero Dynamix Inc’s has hired industry veteran Jerry Livezey to help manage and assist their customers to insure their NVG operations remain compliant with the regulations and intent of the FAA. “The customer has to know what is expected of them by the FAA and what it takes to maintain the NVG cockpit so that it remains compliant according to the ICA” said Jerry. “The biggest issues I am seeing are documentation control, configuration control and daylight readability issues of modified equipment. It is important when a customer modifies their aircraft to NVGs that they have adequate support to maintain it.”

The team of Mr. Livezey and Tonka Hufford, Operations Manager has recognized the need to bring the ICA process into the modern times. “Most of our customers no longer have paper maintenance manuals for their aircraft” stated Mr. Hufford. “They go on the internet or get their information from compact discs. It makes sense for us to do to the same thing.” Aero Dynamix is currently in the process of electronically placing ICAs on line that customers can obtain via a log in and password.

Until that project is fully completed Jerry Livezey would like all customers to know that he is there for them to assist them in any way he possibly can. “Our customers have to have a method to reach out to Aero Dynamix. We definitely do not want our customers to suddenly be faced with an issue that grounds their aircraft simply because they didn’t fully understand how to maintain their NVG STC.” Jerry continued “I do not want our customers to have any doubts about safety or regulatory compliance when they climb into that aircraft during the day or night and go perform their critical missions.”Jerry can be reach at jlivezey@aerodynamix.com or at (817) 571-0729.

“The thing that drives the customer towards Aero Dynamix is the quality of the work being performed and the fact that we always stand behind our product” stated Dennis Trout. “We are always striving to be better partners with industry and we invite everyone who has questions to contact Jerry.”

Aero Dynamix Inc. is located in Euless, Texas and is the industry leader in NVG cockpit modifications. Aero Dynamix currently holds 25 Supplemental Type Certificates involving 37 different aircraft along with two EASA certificates. (www.aerodynamix.com)

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