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Integrated Video Downlink System to Enable Live, Ship-to-Ground Transmission of High-Definition Images to Portable Receivers and Mobile Command Center

LOS ANGELES (March 15, 2011) – Helinet Technologies, an international provider of aviation technology solutions to the law enforcement, government and military markets, announced today its selection by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) to implement and support an integrated video downlink system for the department’s Aviation Support Unit (ASU).  Designed to meet the OCSD’s need for a comprehensive, tactical downlink capability, the new system will enable continuous, real-time transmission of high-definition images to ground-based portable receivers and mobile command centers.

In addition to developing the system’s overall architecture, Helinet Technologies will lead procurement, installation and commissioning of the solution as well as play an ongoing role in providing training and 24/7 support.  Specific OCSD mission requirements include the ability for uninterrupted transmission of HD images across Orange County’s nearly 800 square mile area and a multi-sensor payload to deliver high quality, actionable images in daylight, lowlight and nighttime environments.  Other system features include a Geo-referencing software package and integrated laser range finder that allows an operator to “mark” targets on the ground for automatic tracking and matched fields-of-view between the infrared, color and low light sensors to provide rapid toggling between sensors without needing to adjust zoom or focus.

“With its strong background developing and maintaining aerial downlink solutions for regional and national law enforcement and government agencies, Helinet Technologies provides us with a level of technical knowledge and operations expertise that is virtually unmatched in the surveillance arena,” said Sergeant Han O at OCSD.  “We have an extremely broad area of operations in Orange County and it is crucial for us to be able to transmit real-time images on a consistent basis.  Helinet Technologies’ downlink and transmission expertise combined with its ongoing training and support capabilities make it an ideal partner for this mission.”

To enhance cooperation with other law enforcement and public safety agencies, the downlink utilizes a configurable transmission design that provides for interoperability with the surveillance solutions deployed by partners in the Southern California region.  During joint missions, this functionality will allow the OCSD to sync its surveillance operations with those of its partners, enabling delivery of real time images between multiple agencies.  Developed using the most sophisticated HD and data link technologies, the downlink system was designed by Helinet Technologies to meet the department’s current requirements and to provide the flexibility to incorporate future upgrades without needing to replace the entire solution. 

“We are pleased to have been selected by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department to implement and support the new video downlink solution for its Aviation Support Unit,” said Ron Magocsi, vice president, chief technical officer, for Helinet Technologies.  “The ability to reliably gather and transmit high-quality images in real time has become a staple requirement of law enforcement and public safety agencies.  In creating the system, our goal was to provide both a robust technical functionality and a comprehensive support and training structure that maintains the solution and its operators at the highest level of performance.” 

About Helinet Technologies
Helinet Technologies is an international provider of aviation technology solutions to the law enforcement, government and military markets.  Backed by decades of experience deploying customized surveillance and broadcasting systems for organizations across the globe, the firm offers a full suite of services, ranging from basic equipment sales to fully outsourced surveillance solutions, including providing pilots and aircraft.   

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