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Regulatory activities of the GARDEN project – green procedures for rotorcraft – now completed

Created by the European Commission jointly with the aviation industry, the goal of the CleanSky Joint Undertaking is to accelerate the application of technologies aiming to mitigate the impact of air transport on the environment through large scale demonstrations.

The sharp growth of rotorcraft operations expected in the near future will face two main challenges. On top of the successful integration of rotorcraft among aircraft traffic, especially on busy airports, environmental impact linked to rotorcraft operations must also be carefully assessed. One of the main enablers to reach those objectives is GNSS which provides flexibility to design procedures optimised for specific objectives such as noise reduction.

To support CleanSky Green Rotorcraft Integrated Technology Demonstrator (GRC-ITD), Egis Avia has teamed up with the French Air Navigation Service Provider (DSNA and DTA), with a specialised engineering company (Pildo Consulting) and with procedure designers (CGx AEROinSYS) to take up these challenges.

The project, that started early 2010, consists in developing new flight procedures based on the use of GNSS and enabling rotorcraft to reach busy airports fully independently of the airplane traffic operating from or to active runways. A strong coordination with CleanSky GRC-ITD will allow the design of procedures based on low-noise flight paths.

The objectives that will be achieved in the frame of this project are to:
• Identify/analyse the existing regulation and propose new criteria for helicopter
operations based on GNSS;
• Design new instrument procedures using GNSS with the related safety assessment;
• Define generic IFR procedures for European platforms and airports allowing rotorcraft
to fly trajectories without interfering with aircraft traffic flows while minimising noise footprint;
• Perform in-flight demonstrations at a busy airport (Toulouse) and at an heliport in a
constraining environment (Andorra);
• Provide experts contributions to support CleanSky Green Rotorcraft ITD in the frame
of the Environment-Friendly Flight Path (EFFP) project (GRC-5) to develop and test new
rotorcraft-specific instrument flight procedures.

At this stage, on top of the Kick-Off meeting that occurred beginning of February 2010, two progress meetings have been organised in 2010 to present GARDEN project progress.

The 1st deliverable document dealing with air navigation regulations has been delivered to CleanSky JU mid-December 2010. This document aims at identifying and analysing applicable air navigation regulations based on the existing and on-going PBN (Performance Based Navigation) procedures relying on GNSS for rotorcraft specific IFR operations. Existing regulations and future regulations under discussions have been analysed. CleanSky JU agreed to provide this document as an input to ICAO IFPP (Instrument Flight Procedure Panel) group.

The 2nd deliverable document dealing with criteria for Simultaneous Non Interfering (SNI) aircraft-rotorcraft operations has been delivered to CleanSky JU in mid-May 2011. The objective of this document is to identify and analyse the existing criteria for SNI operations between fixed-wing aircraft and to define new criteria for SNI operations between rotorcraft and airplanes.

Further activities in 2011 will be dedicated to procedures design: generic green procedures for approach, RNAV/RNP departure and en-route phases of flight will be addressed. A safety study will be conducted at the same time for those newly designed procedures. This will be the starting point for future demonstrations.

About Egis
Egis, a subsidiary of the French “Caisse des Dépôts” and “Iosis Partenaires” (shareholding by executive partners and employees) on a 75%-25% basis, is a consulting and engineering group working in the fields of construction for transport, urban development, buildings, industry, water, the environment and energy. The group is also active in project financing and road and airport operation.

The new group results from the merger, on 1st January 2011, of Egis, a leader in infrastructure engineering and Iosis, a French leader in construction and civil nuclear engineering.

With 11,000 employees, of whom 7,000 in engineering, and a turnover of €800 million in 2010, the new group is present in over 100 countries and has around 50 offices in France.

It is the only French construction engineering group amongst the first ten European groups and the first twenty groups in the world.

For more information, visit www.egis-group.com

About Egis Avia
Egis Avia (formerly Sofréavia) is a leading consulting and engineering company with a unique mix of cross-expertise in the air transport sector. Building on a 40-year experience, Egis Avia offers assistance in the air traffic management (ATM), airport and air operations domains.

Egis Avia joined the Egis Group in 2006, hence widening its coverage with new synergies. With a current workforce of 170 employees and a 28.4M€ annual turnover in 2010 Egis Avia has been successfully managing more than 1000 projects in 140 countries since its creation in 1969.

The company’s expertise ranges from consulting/engineering services and turnkey solutions to operations, hence providing a broad vision and smart understanding of its clients’ needs. With it unique position on the market, Egis Avia provides tailored and advanced solutions aiming to increase safety and efficiency of operations as well as compliance with aviation standards and best practices.

For more information, visit www.egis-avia.com

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Charlie Glazebrook
Wednesday, June 01, 2011 3:44 PM
I have been working on a very Green Version of the Helicopter .The Rotatarywing is turned from the wingtips by Electric Motors with props. Pics can be seen on R/CUniverse under Electric Rotowing Pics are of 1st. prototype built in 2009. I now have all the bugs out.It's a simple build and easier to operate than a typical Helicopter!

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