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Ahlers Aerospace, Inc., Hurst, Texas, has been awarded a contract from Omniflight Corp. for the night vision cabin modifications of an additional five of their air medical helicopters. The conversions will be accomplished at the aircraft’s home bases in Georgia. The aircraft involved are five Aerospatiale AS350 B2’s.

This contract will bring to fifty one the number of helicopters that Ahlers has thus far converted for Omniflight Corporation. These have included Bell 206 and 407; MBB BK 117, Eurocopter EC 135, and Aerospatiale AS 350.

These installations use variations of the Ahlers ‘white’ conversion (DO-275). This durable, highly functional approach is designed to be minimally intrusive, keeping the NVIS filtering and lighting modifications external to the instrumentation whenever possible. Keeping the customer’s equipment unaltered is of great benefit to the operator when service is needed on the equipment. Time and money is saved by not having to return the equipment to Ahlers for de-modification before being returned to the equipment vendor for warranty or service. Our externally applied NVIS filters are normally attached in such a way that they can be removed and re installed easily by field personnel. The Ahlers conversion of the AS350 B2’s above replaces the original fiber-optic light generator with an NVIS filtered light source that consumes only half the power and runs considerably cooler, yet provides better luminance. The Ahlers light generator is slightly smaller but mounts without modification to the airframe or aircraft wiring.

An additional benefit of the Ahlers conversion is that whenever possible, every light source in the cabin is addressed individually, so that if equipment is added or removed from the aircraft after completion of the installation, all that is required to bring the installation back to conformity is revision of the installation drawings and associated data, and the conversion of the additional equipment, if needed. Some one- piece conversions require fabrication of new panels or other procedures involving considerable expense to the operator whenever the aircraft configuration is changed subsequent to the NVIS installation.

Ahlers Aerospace currently holds NVIS conversion STC’s covering the Bell 206B, L, L1, L3, L4; 407, and 430; MBB BK-117B1, B2, and C1; BO-105S; Eurocopter EC 130 B4; EC 135 T2+, P2+, P1, P2 and T1; AS350 B2, B3.

We are currently in the process of obtaining STC’s for Bell 212, 412, and 222; Agusta A109 and A119; Eurocopter AS365, EC145; Sikorsky S-76, and the MD 500.

For more information, visit our website at www.ahlersaerospace.com contact info@ahlersaerospace.com, or call 817-553-2155

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