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Advanced Helicopter Seminars are Coming to Denver - MAY 2010!

Colorado Heli-ops - Advanced Helicopter Seminars are Coming to Denver!

Michael Franz , one of the Industry’s most experienced and respected helicopter pilot mentors, is launching his nationwide seminar series this Spring here in Denver.  Proudly hosted by Colorado Heli-Ops, this weekend Seminar series provides helicopter pilots a unique opportunity to learn from an experienced mentoring CFI, who has “been there, done that.”  Michael has leveraged his vast experience by making a lifetime commitment to passing that knowledge on to others to promote Helicopter Flight Safety and Pilot Employability. 

Michael Franz has 42 years of flying spanning a remarkable variety of light helicopter operations including flying Hueys in Vietnam, serving as a US Army helicopter primary instructor, being one of the very first factory-designated Robinson R-22 CFI’s, and being factory trained and teaching in modern equipment such as the Bell 206L, B407 and Eurocopter EC-120.  Michael has 7000+ hours of cross-country helicopter flight time encompassing almost every corner of the United States, the Caribbean, and both Eastern & Western Canada. You can get more info about Michael and his seminars from his website at:



Now, for the price of a few hours of ground school, serious helicopter pilots can gain the benefit of decades of flight experience in a single day.  There will be two courses available, each lasting approximately 4 hours.

The first, an Advanced Aeronautical Decision Making Seminar, is titled:    “Clarification and Enhancement of Aeronautical Knowledge”  This Seminar utilizes numerous, “pop-up” scenarios to illustrate some of the challenges associated with real-world helicopter flight operations.  The students will be introduced to thought processes and specific skills which they can then utilize to effectively handle flight challenging situations which they might encounter in their own professional flying.  This course picks up where the traditional Commercial/CFI training leaves off.  This seminar is being offered by Colorado Heli-Ops for only $99 at 0800 on either Saturday, May 8 and Sunday, May 9 at KBJC airport.

The second, an Advanced Turbine Ground Course, will combine an in-depth discussion and training on turbine helicopter operations and the Rolls-Royce C250 series gas turbine engines, with hands-on examination of multiple facets of a representative helicopter, the popular Bell 206 Jet Ranger.  The Turbine seminar will be offered in the same location at 1300 on Saturday May 8th and Sunday May 9th and is also being offered for only $99.

Both seminars will include illustrated texts, which the attendees may keep, and pilots who elect to take both courses will pay only $150 for both and it will include lunch courtesy of Colorado Heli-Ops during the break in between classes on either day.

Attendance is limited for all classes and demand is expected to be high, so please call Colorado Heli-Ops at 303-466-4354 to reserve your spot for these fantastic learning opportunities.  Or, you can send us an email at; info@coloradoheliops.com

You can also take this opportunity to fly our FRASCA flight simulator as we will be giving away two gift certificates for one hour each on the sim… others may catch a few moments in the sim during the breaks as we’ll have a specialists on duty the whole weekend.

Please visit our website and down load the pdf of our recent article in Vertical Magazine to find out more about our goals to be a part of the solution….  To help make our industry the best it can be…  coloradoheliops.com

We also expect a couple of surprise guests, other industry leaders that you will be happy to see and get to know…  

In the business of making your dreams come true….

Contact: Margaret Mackenzie (or any CFI)
303.466.HELI (4354)
email: info@coloradoheliops.com
website: coloradoheliops.com
11844 Corporate Way - Broomfield, CO  80021  KBJC

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