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Night Flight Concepts Unveils NVIOTM 2.0 Night Vision Computer-Based Training at ALEA 2014 Conference and Exhibition

PHOENIX, Arizona, —Night Flight Concepts, the industry authority on Night Vision Imaging Systems, announced today that they are showcasing NVIO TM 2.0 Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Computer-Based Training (CBT) program –at the Airborne Law Enforcement Association’s 44th Annual Conference and Exposition this week. This new product release, NVIO 2.0, delivers a powerful NVG training platform with enriched interactive content for NVG operators and maintainers for a flexible, optimized learning experience.

“We are very pleased to showcase new NVIO 2.0 at ALEA” asserted Night Flight Concepts, President Adam Aldous.  “Night Flight Concepts is committed to delivering cutting-edge NVG training and support tools to help our clients develop, implement and sustain a comprehensive and compliant NVG capability. NVIO 2.0 reflects our dedication to ongoing improvement to keep our clients at the forefront of NVIS innovation.”

NVIO 2.0 NVG CBT is a second generation online training tool that helps organizations reduce the time and money required to stay compliant with FAA standards for NVGs. With enhanced power, capabilities and content depth NVIO 2.0 offer organizations a cost-effective, optimized blended training program for NVG operations and maintenance that makes Initial and Recurrent NVG training easier, faster, more flexible and cost-effective than ever before. Enhancements in this new product release include:

Extended Access: Mobile Tablet Device Support

A cloud-based e-learning solution, NVIO has always been available 24/7.  NVIO 2.0 now extends platform support options to include tablet devices making this release more portable than ever. Be it for your Electronic Flight Bag, your maintenance platform or your iPad at home, deploying NVIO 2.0 on your mobile tablet allows greater flexibility to access to deliver rich, interactive NVG operations and maintenance instruction anytime, anywhere.

Enriched Curriculum: 50% More Dynamic Content

NVIO’s CBT curriculum was enhanced to incorporate more dynamic content. More than 50% of NVIO 2.0 CBT’s photos and graphics in the course have been replaced with videos and simulations to increase training efficiency and effectiveness. Studies indicate that individuals can absorb more information faster when they “learn by doing”.  With more enriched content than ever, NVIO 2.0 CBT provides a superior NVG eLearning experience to augment and, at times, replace classroom learning.

Simpler, Streamlined Learning Management

NVIO 2.0 offers greater control and visibility over course management to enhance program administration and enhance the user/learner experience. Delivery via a new, improved learning management platform, NVIO 2.0 provides enhanced functionality for more intuitive, streamlined course administration, including:

New course scheduling and reporting options for individual or team learning management
Easier, simpler online status to monitor progress
Better course registration/completion tracking with streamlined invoicing
Self-support capabilities to help users personalize and manage their own learning experience

Just-In-Time (JIT) Decision Support

The animated instruction video sequences and documented procedures embedded in courseware make NVIO 2.0 an effective Just-In-Time decision support tool to assist with operations and general maintenance. Clarify critical equipment capabilities and limitations, parts information, or operations and general maintenance procedures on the fly to ensure NVGs are used, handled and maintained correctly. With quick, easy access via web or integrated systems, NVIO is a practical work tool to assist NVG operators and maintainers anytime, anywhere.

Improve NVG training, operations and safety management

Connect to NVIO 2.0 from within existing business support applications to facilitate communication and utilization of standard NVG operation and maintenance procedures. NVIO 2.0 can integrate into any SCORM compliant operational support application – such as Maintenance Management, Product Lifecycle Management or Safety Management Systems – to enhance training, operations and safety management across the organization.

Special Offer on NVIO 2.0 for ALEA members

As one of the benefits of membership, ALEA is committed to giving members access to the latest and greatest tools and education for aviation operators, to help our members to improve operation safety, reduce costs and enhance performance.  Night Flight Concepts and Airborne Law Enforcement Association are pleased to offer ALEA members NVIO 2.0 Night Vision Goggle Computer-Based Training at a special ALEA rate.

Visit Night Flight Concepts (booth #607) at ALEA Conference and Exhibition 2014 to see NVIO 2.0 NVG CBT in person and learn more about how it can add value to your new or existing Night Vision Program.

About Night Flight Concepts (www.nightflightconcepts.com)
The industry authority for Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS), Night Flight Concepts offers a range of Night Vision Goggle (NVG) planning, acquisition, training and maintenance product and service options that help law enforcement agencies, air medical/rescue services, military organizations, and government task force agencies worldwide to conduct efficient, compliant and effective night vision operations.  A highly responsive team, they combine the development and utilization of industry best practices and cutting-edge technologies with rigorous adherence to industry standards and government regulations to enable NVIS program innovation and client-oriented NVG solutions that deliver superior value, performance and safety.

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