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Responding to strong demand from VFR pilots, Jeppesen has successfully introduced optimized VFR GPS charts for both North America and Europe. Featuring design elements based on direct input from VFR pilots, pilot preferred features of the optimized chart series include increased readability through improved depiction of terrain, cultural data and enhanced symbols.

Featuring a 1 to 500,000 enroute chart scale and a 1 to 250,000 area chart scale, the enhanced charts offer an effective alternative to the traditional Sectional and TAC charts. Continuing a legacy of expertise in data driven VFR charts, the optimized Jeppesen VFR GPS charts were designed to increase pilot situational awareness and reduce flight deck workload. The optimized charts also orientate to actual VFR flights and not to a predetermined grid.

Jeppesen designed the optimized VFR GPS chart to create a unified system, which incorporates flight planning, enroute and terminal data for ease of flight. The optimized VFR GPS chart depicts airspaces in a more easily readable manner, and provides recognition of overlapping airspace boundaries. Enhanced intuitive airport symbols are easy to locate and identify and a new depiction of terrain provides a dynamic three-dimensional impression.

The research and development process involved with developing the optimized VFR GPS chart series included focus groups with pilots to better understand their specific needs and to determine preferred charting features. Valuable input provided by pilots helped shape the optimized VFR GPS chart series, which was truly designed by pilots, for pilots.

In considering the overall benefits established by the optimized VFR GPS chart series, Jeppesen product managers note that overall, the company has created an improved VFR charting experience that pilots will be able to easily integrate into the flight planning and inflight cockpit information management process to improve performance.

More details on the optimized VFR GPS chart series – as well as the 2010 revision schedule – are available at www.jeppesen.com/vfrgps. Jeppesen provides VFR GPS chart services for flight in Europe, the U.S. and South Africa.


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