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Abaris Training Completes the first “Train the Trainer” classes

Abaris Training has graduated seven “Certified Composite Instructor: Level I “ candidates in the first “Train the Trainer” class. This marks a new level of composite training for Abaris as they lead the composites training industry by example.

“Abaris is so well known for its dynamic, hands-on style of training that we have had many who are establishing composite training classes in community colleges and vocational schools who attend our courses in order to take advantage of our content and experience to augment their own,” said Abaris President Michael Hoke. “Unfortunately there is more to quality training than simply world-class course content. There is the sum total of the experience of our instructors coupled with a thoughtful, reasoned hands-on approach to training that maximizes the quantity of valuable information that can be assimilated by our students in a very short time.”

These thoughts led to a growing concern that the quality of training throughout the industry not be diluted by well-meaning individuals who may be less than fully equipped to teach composites fabrication and repair effectively. This ultimately led to the “Train the Trainer” program.

The first four weeks of the program consist of gaining in-depth experience by taking the Phase I introductory course followed by three more courses from among the 26 courses offered by Abaris. With this foundation in place, there are two weeks of additional training.

The first 40 hours of that training deal with how to gain and hold the attention of your students and how to effectively impart both knowledge and understanding. “One of the things that makes Abaris unique is the way we use examples and laboratory experience to underscore the classroom sessions,” said Lead Trainer Dave Castellar. “The first week engages each student individually in classic Abaris fashion. Instead of simply sitting behind in a desk, the classroom lessons are reinforced as students are guided through a series of practical exercises and projects that place the student in front of the class.”

The second week of the Train the Trainer classes concentrates on creating technical content and developing labs and shop exercises that effectively reinforce that content. At the end of the first class, one experienced instructor said, “I can’t believe how much I learned in such a short time. This will certainly improve the effectiveness of my classes.”

The next Train the Trainer class will be held at Abaris Training’s Reno, Nevada training center in February of 2013.

Abaris Training is recognized as the global leader in hands-on instruction for the advanced composites industries with 26 standard courses ranging from Design and Analysis to Composites Fabrication and Damage Repair. To date, Abaris has trained over 18,000 students from 63 countries.

For more information, visit www.Abaris.com or call +1 775-827-6568.

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