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Entries for October 2011

From Anchorage Daily News
AP The man killed in a helicopter crash outside a rural southwest Alaska village was a resident of Douglas and a senior pilot for Era Helicopters LLC. Alaska State Troopers said Monday 66-year-old William Zeman was at the controls of the ...
"One of the principles who did own the rights to the helicopter began flying in up at our airstrip and my husband became addicted to helicopters," said Delane Baker. Baker said one of the reasons the experimental chopper is so popular is because you ...
From Economic Times
This makes it impossible to coordinate the movement of helicopters and aeroplanes at the same altitude," said an AAI official. "In India, the ATC radar cannot track helicopter movements. Countries like the US, Australia and the UK extend radar coverage ...
From Houston Chronicle
MONTGOMERY COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE HED: As the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office gears up to employ an unmanned helicopter to hunt criminals and find missing persons, a civil liberties advocate said drones can hurt ...

St. Louis, Mo., October 26, 2011 – Donaldson Aerospace & Defense, a division of the Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE: DCI) announced today that it has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for an Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) system for the Bell 230 helicopter. The aircraft will be added to an existing Supplemental Type Certificate for the Bell 430 helicopter. With this new IBF solution, Bell 230 operators will quickly realize a return on their investment through reduced operating costs, enhanced performance and expanded operational capabilities.

Era Helicopters reported that the helicopter's pilot was its only occupant. The pilot's name will be released after authorities notify next of kin. Editor's note: This story has been corrected to identify the helicopter as belonging to Era Helicopters ...
Berman and Sherman Fight to Reduce Helicopter Noise
From Patch.com
Representing a broad swath of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, I constantly hear from my constituents whose homes are buzzed by low flying helicopters at all hours. Of course living in a major metropolitan area such as LA, helicopter noise has ...
Q&A: Ashok Nayak, CMD, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd
Business Standard
From Business Standard
The production line of the Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopter is also well set. We are building 25-30 helicopters per year and eagerly awaiting further orders. Our basic plan is to raise our manufacturing capabilities by sub-contracting and outsourcing ...
From MiamiHerald.com
The handheld receiver lets agents or guardsmen on the ground see what the helicopter's camera is viewing. New Orleans Police Detective Dave Lemoine says it can make undercover agents safer, by letting a helicopter crew relay what they're doing to ...
From GamePro.com
Tom must rescue the business by first of all learning how to fly a helicopter without ending up upside down and on fire (harder than it sounds when dealing with a realistic flight model), and then dealing with a variety of jobs ranging from heavy cargo ...
Helicopters Fly Over LA with 'reckless abandon' Congressman Testifies in ...
From LAist
Three Los Angeles-area Congressional representatives were in Washington DC Thursday to testify before a House panel about a proposed bill that would put federal restrictions on low-flying helicopters. HR 2677, aka the Los Angeles Residential Helicopter ...
How Bohemia's Take On Helicopters Will Take on The World
From RipTen
Released just this week, Take On Helicopters is a civilian-helicopter sim from Bohemia Interactive; you know, the guys behind the excellent ArmA series. Last week we sat down with Joris-Jan van't Land, Take On's Project Lead and Jay Crowe the Creative ...
US moves to sell attack helicopters to Turkey
National Turk English
From Reuters
Turkey already uses the AH-1W helicopter, the backbone of the US Marine Corps attack helicopter fleet, having bought 10 of them in the 1990s. The proposed sale would enhance its ground defense capabilities, said the notice, which is required by law and ...
Thought Controlled Helicopters
From Technorati
Instead of diodes and whatnots connected to the head of the person, Dr Bin He of University of Minnesota "created an EEG-based, noninvasive brain-computer interface" that allowed the person to navigate a virtual helicopter with continuous accuracy. ...
From Santa Cruz Sentinel
Pilot Paul Henrichsen of Watsonville-based Specialized Helicopters was in a helicopter with Neal Martin of Sky High Photography when Henrichsen spotted the shark about noon. It was just below the water's surface about a quarter mile off Seacliff State ...
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