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Entries for May 2011

From Westword (blog)
"Finally I saw the helicopter coming in from way off in the distance and I started getting my camera gear ready for the race." ???Harris used to work at Echo Mountain and has some experience bringing Medevac helicopters in for a landing, ...
From Ashland Daily Tidings
The breakthrough came when Reza Ehsani, an assistant professor at the University of Florida, suggested modifying a multi-rotor craft available to radio control enthusiasts. The machines are exceptionally quick, nimble and far more stable than ...
From Washington Examiner
It makes a variety of rotorcraft, surveillance vehicles and a host of other lethal products that help make the American military the most feared and capable military in history. We don't know which company makes the secret helicopters used in the ...
How Stuff Works: How Stealth helicopters work
Los Angeles Times
From Bellingham Herald
Last week, the entire world was surprised to learn that the United States may very well own and operate stealth helicopters. Although the idea of a stealth helicopter has been around ever since the F-117 stealth ...
From DefenceWeb (press release)
The police operate about 40 rotorcraft and fixed-wing aeroplanes. The national law enforcer last week issued requests for quotations (RFQ) to 11 companies for product support services for its fleet of six Robinson R44 and one McDonnell Douglas MD369E ...
From Aviation International News
The US Air Force is planning a "recapitalization" project for its aging fleet of HH-60 search-and-rescue helicopters. The US Air Force will invite bids for two major helicopter requirements, the service confirmed. The ???HH-60 Recapitalization??? is the ...
Bin Laden Raid Crash Helo Reveals Stealth
ABC News
From Aviation Week
Photography of US military technology left behind in the May 1 raid against Osama bin Laden shows that previously unseen stealth-like enhancements to rotorcraft played a critical role in the mission to take down the Al ...
Human-powered copter ready to rise
TG Daily
From msnbc.com
If the helicopter stays aloft for at least 60 seconds and reaches a height of 10 feet, the team will capture the $250000 Sikorsky Prize, an X-prize like contest for human-powered helicopters. University of Maryland's Human Powered Helicopter project, ...
DEP Begins Black Fly Suppression Program
The DEP says it will let county officials know of plans to spray, before helicopters are seen flying over tributaries. It encourages neighbors that see a helicopter to call their county emergency management office to make sure a black fly treatment is ...
St. Louis has five helicopters, Louisville two, Columbus, Ohio six and Cincinnati uses a sheriff's department chopper. Just last week, city officials were confident, the helicopter was sold. "We have a buyer who's expressed interest. ...
From Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Revor said as a cost-saving move, 11 Sea Stallions stay in Afghanistan, and deploying crews fall in on those same helicopters instead of transporting aircraft back and forth from Hawaii. At least as far back as a year ago, the helicopter that crashed ...
Stealth helicopters exposed in SEAL raid on bin Laden
From STLtoday.com
Mohammad Zubair May 2, 2011-- The wreckage of a helicopter lies next to the wall of the compound where, according to officials, Osama bin Laden was shot and killed in a firefight with US forces in Abbottabad, Pakistan. ...
From People's Daily Online
The V750, China's largest unmanned helicopter, had its first successful flight on May, 7, marking China's first entry into the field of mid-sized unmanned helicopters. The V750 is re-adapted from the B2B double-seated manned helicopter. ...
Slow Dawn After Midnight Raid
From Wall Street Journal
The explosion was most likely the demolition of one of the helicopters. US officials say the helicopter was forced by a mechanical failure to make a hard landing that put it out of action and it was then destroyed. Local police heard the explosion, ...
One free hour of R22 helicopter time for those pilots that have a PPL!

One free hour of R22 helicopter time for those pilots that have a PPL(H)!     You’ll get a free hour of flying an R22M on our boat photo mission taking pictures of boats. 

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