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By Lyn Burks - Recently while in Kona Hawaii on helicopter related business, I swerved off my intended course and popped into a local helicopter operation called Paradise Helicopters. Compared to some of the larger tour operators I have visited over the years, this operation had a true “mom and pop” look and feel. I later found that the outward image of quaintness mixed with a smidge of “Leave it to Beaver” family values was by design. However, scratching through that facade revealed a thriving, hardworking, all around skids-meet-the-ramp helicopter shop.

Rotorcraft Professional recently spoke to Mr. Kurt Robinson, Vice President of Robinson Helicopters about the new R66.


By Steve Goldsworthy

Rotorcraft Pro: Kurt I have to start by asking the obvious first question. Where is the R66 in the certification process?

Kurt: The FAA is currently flying two ships. Next week we will start the F&R process. Function and Reliability, and then they will be flying a ship up in Big Bear (editors note: Big Bear field elevation is 6752’ and known for it’s high DA, over 10,000 feet in the hot summers). We expect that work to finish up around the end of August and then around two weeks after that, it’s a certified helicopter.


WRITTEN AND VIDEO FEATURE - Vector Aerospace Revisited

Vector LogoOne of the more satisfying aspects of this business is when you have the opportunity to actually watch a company grow, succeed, and prosper. It is not very often, considering the recent economic conditions, that will a company not only set about on an ambitious growth plan, but actually goes quite a bit beyond it as well.

video screenshotJust two years ago we traveled to Andalusia, Alabama to visit the folks at Vector Aerospace. Based at the South Alabama Regional Airport, 79J, Vector’s first operation in Alabama was initially spread among six or so hangars and administrative facilities on the south side of the airport. [VIEW ARTICLE & VIDEO]

After the cowardly attack on the United States on September 11, 2001, law enforcements roles have changed dramatically. With the advent of Homeland Security grants and other special requirements, more law enforcement agencies are now tasking their aircrews to perform SAR duties as well.

LAH Trains Rwandan Police Pilots for Police Missions

Kigali, Rwanda - The Law Enforcement Division of Los Angeles Helicopters and Akagera Aviation work together to train Rwandan pilots for the Kigali police department. Akagera recently purchased a new Robinson R44 police helicopter and initiated an Airborne Law Enforcement program for Kigali, the capitol city of Rwanda. The ship is turnkey and complete with the latest and most up to date Police equipment including microwave downlink ability and the latest FLIR systems.

J.R. Aviation is the leading helicopter operator and flight academy in the Midwest, and has been proudly serving the Greater Louisville area since 1992. We offer training for all FAA Certificates and Ratings, from Private through CFII and ATP. We offer flexible scheduling as well as some of the best training in the country in both ground and flight training. Our training is even more enhanced by one-on-one ground and flight training. This gives our students the full attention of the Certified Flight Instructors (CFI’s), and the ability to move at their own pace and learning style. Our CFI’s are highly experienced not only as instructors but in Commercial Operations as well.  We strive to teach our students a greater technical understanding of what is going on in the helicopter. This teaches the student to anticipate, rather than react to aerodynamic issues with the aircraft. We stress the importance of energy and power management, rules and regulations and what is the right and smart thing to do.

By Jenna Shepard - There are two main threats to EMS helicopter pilots – weather and darkness, but this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. In 1988, the National Transportation Safety Board investigated 59 helicopter emergency medical services accidents and concluded that low visibility, often caused by poor weather conditions accounted for 61% of all crashes. Since then, little has changed.Although the commercial aviation industry requires that an aircraft be outfitted with everything from weather tracking technologies like onboard radar and GPS to collision avoidance tools, these same requirements are not made of the medical helicopter industry. Furthermore, at a time when air medical companies are being scrutinized due to the sheer number of EMS helicopter crashes and a lack of critical onboard technologies not yet mandated by the FAA, one company is making big strides in the right direction by focusing on weather safety.

Written & Video Feature: Advanced Helicopter Training with FlightSafety International 

By Lyn Burks - Having been in the helicopter industry for a little while, I have been fortunate enough to experience many levels of training. While recently attending an S76C++ transition course at FlightSafety International (FlightSafety), I am reminded of the stark differences between the "haves" and the "have nots."

My reference to "haves" and "have nots" is not meant to be deprecating to those who offer or attend helicopter training at traditional facilities. It’s really more of an analogy which notes the difference in the level of training provided by FlightSafety as compared to other training providers I have experienced. The present model of our training industry is what it is, and this article will not change it.



Night Flight Concepts Takes Mystery Out of NVG's!

INCLUDES VIDEO FEATURE!     Article, Photos, and Video by Lyn Burks - If you are a current or former Military Pilot, odds are good that you have been exposed to Night Vision Goggle (NVG) operations. However, to their civilian trained counterparts, the concepts of NVG operations are both unfamiliar and somewhat mysterious.

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