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There are hundreds of law enforcement helicopters operating in the US today and most fly traditional law enforcement missions. Naturally, you might be thinking, what is a traditional mission? Some might think it’s to take off from a dolly, fly little circles, patrol a highway, and then land back on the dolly. Well, in a general sense, if you throw in some pretty cool technology like..........

Hi my name is Lyn and I’m an addict. There I said it, I’m an addict. This semi-freeing confession elevates me beyond the stage of denial. Perhaps it’s the first step of many towards curing me of my addiction.

Before you judge me, I’m betting that most of you share my addiction as well. I admit that I love my smart devices. My Droid Razr phone. My iPad2. They are always near. Always keeping me connected to everything I enjoy. My business. My family. My music, photos, books, magazines……..everything.

Since 1999, the WFF has provided emergency support services, including financial assistance and immediate and ongoing emotional support, to over 150 families of firefighters seriously injured or killed in the line of duty.  The WFF recognizes pilots and other aviation crews as wildland firefighters when they are involved with fire suppression and management duties.

Fire Academy Brings Together Regional Helicopter Community with Unique Training Program
By Lyn Burks

It’s no secret that certain parts of the Midwest U.S. are a hotbed of helicopter activity, and Ohio is no exception. This is especially true when it comes to sectors like EMS, Law Enforcement, and Electronic News Gathering (ENG), where a variety of helicopters, from a variety of operators are literally operating in the back yards of the communities they serve.

By Lyn Burks, Jessica Parker, and Nick Mayhew Remember the days when only those “high-fallutin” multi-engine helicopter drivers had the chance to train in helicopter simulators. For years, only pilot...

Since the first successful civilian helicopter rescue November 29, 1945 few fundamental changes have occurred in the way basic search and rescue is conducted.  There’s still a helicopter pilot, still someone maneuvering the hoist with the rescue “basket,” and either one or two rear crewmen aiding the victim and supporting the operation.

Beginning in 1987 with one helicopter, the company now employs more than 300 people in California, Oregon and Texas.  Privately owned and operated, REACH is known not only for its mission-driven patient care, but also by its distinctive red aircraft, innovative safety initiatives, employee- and customer-centricity tenets and industry leadership.

If you want to learn how to fly helicopters, then you want to learn from people that are passionate about them.  If there is one thing that is obvious at Elite Helicopters, it is their passion for what they do.

Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City, Utah recently received the first of five Agusta Westland 109SP Grand New helicopters with a US-certified emergency medical service (EMS) interior designed by Spectrum Aeromed.

CAMP TAJI, Iraq ‚Äì AH-64D Apache Longbow crew chiefs are proud of their aircraft. They're quick to tell you it's one of the most advanced pieces of equipment in the Army's arsenal. 

They boast that the 58 foot-long war-fighting machine travels up to 227 miles per hour and is armed with as many as 16 Hellfire rockets, up to 75 (2.75 inch) aerial rockets, and can carry 1,200 rounds for its 30 mm machine gun.

By Caterina Hessler, Philipp Jahnke - Due to environmental pollution and the dawning end of mineral oil as one of the main energy resources, clean ways to generate renewable energy gain more and more importance. One of the most important renewable energy sources is wind. Therefore giant wind farms are planned to be built in the Northern and Baltic Sea – but as the number and the size of those parks grow, new problems concerning the care for injured or ill workers arise.

By Caterina Hessler - The “Rega” is one of the most famous rescue institutions in Europe. It has influenced alpine rescue in Switzerland and worldwide, like no other. With more than 13,700 alerts in 2010, the crews of the “Rega” fly for people´s lives 24/7.

By Steve Goldsworthy - Sensory overload is all I can think of as I strap on a Gentex helmet, hook up my full body harness to a restraint hook, and sink into my seat as the giant Sikorsky H3H helicopter lifts off into the fog.

In seconds that big open sliding door reveals nothing but grey as we climb out IFR from KLGB. From my seat I can watch the pilots as they call out altitudes, turns and VOR headings. A few seconds later, we are on top, but since we are still on an IFR departure, we’re still flying on the gauges.

By Caterina Hessler - The state of Thuringia, the “green heart” of the Federal Republic of Germany is famous for its vast forests and the low mountain range of the “Rennsteig.” The capital Erfurt is the home of the state´s police helicopter squadron. The pilots there fight for law and order and sometimes for people´s lives, too.

By Ron Whitney - An invitation to visit with the Alabama Department of Public Safety (Alabama State Troopers) Aviation Unit and observe training in the field is not something you pass up.  This is a rare opportunity - one in which you get a first hand look at the unique capabilities and value of such a unit. Little did I know before exactly how capable these folks really are.

By Ron Whitney - Madison County Executive (MDQ) airport is not an unfamiliar destination for me.  Located a little over 17 nm to the northeast of Huntsville International (HSV) Airport, this uncontrolled general aviation airport was a frequent refueling stop while I was in the EMS business.  The one thing I always loved about MDQ was that the line guys were always waiting on me, regardless of the time, or the weather. Even if I was only buying thirty gallons of Jet A, they treated us as if it were five thousand.  The service here is simply the best I’ve seen in thirty years of flying.

The sound of metal skid shoes scraping against runway asphalt is never pleasant. But today, there is nothing more fun than doing full down autos in Robinsons new R66.

As I sit outside a restaurant talking with Pat Cox and Pete Riedl in the gorgeous So Cal weather, I can’t help but think about flying helicopters. I wonder aloud why I chose to drive and not fly down to the Robinson plant in Torrance, California.

Helicopter Specialties Inc (HSI) is a Part 145 maintenance, repair, overhaul and custom completion company located at the Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport in Janesville, Wisconsin. Their niche is helicopter medical conversions and custom completions. One of their more unique products are custom isolettes systems used for transporting infants.

For the majority of helicopter flight schools, their honest efforts to meet students’ goals of attaining FAA Certificates at various levels are based on the principles of Maneuvers Based Training (MBT). This system was developed during the era of the Wright Brothers, specific to airplanes, and teaches a pilot to “fly” to a Practical Test Standard (PTS) defined by the FAA. Although pilots who learn to fly through MBT can  “fly” the helicopter within the parameters for which they are trained, it is no doubt an antiquated training model by modern day standards.

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