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By Paul Heuts - A 3 blade rotor chopping 1 meter above your head, a small screaming engine under your seat and rock solid ground 1000 feet below you. Oh, and because it is hot we left the doors off the helicopter so each time we bank the little Schweizer 300CB to the right I get the feeling I’m going to drop out.

By Larry K. Clark - As with all the different missions that helicopters can perform, the ENG segment has many different types of flying for pilots that want to work in this part of our industry. ENG encompasses traffic reporting, covering live breaking news and shooting background video for TV commercials or movies. The common element is a gyro-stabilized camera mounted on a helicopter.

By Sgt. Steve Lindley - Flying Law Enforcement helicopters can be a very rewarding and exciting career. It is, however, sometimes a tough field to get into. I speak from a standpoint of a pilot in a small/medium sized division with a few unique features and this does not represent the industry as a whole. There are many departments of many sizes and shapes and everyone does things just a little differently. That being said, my viewpoint does not represent every possible situation.

By Dwaine Parker - I believe that this question has been the most asked of me. I never mind answering it and I use to respond back with lengthy emails trying not to forget the slightest detail. I then realized it would be easier to cover the information with a simple phone call. But that required several emails coordinating times and numbers. So I have finally decided to put everything I know all together in one thread. Hopefully anyone who wants the information will be able to find it and review it at anytime…sorry for the length and I hope you find the information beneficial.

By Tony Fonze - Becoming a US ARMY Helicopter Pilot, You are in the Army Now! Army pilots are, by definition, soldiers first, officers second, and then aviators. Consequently, applicants for the aviation program must first meet the requirements for acceptance into the military, acceptance into the Warrant Officer program, and finally, admission into the aviation training program.

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