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Bashing a Million Bucks with a Hammer

Story by Byron Edgington

Back in Ohio I landed my first stable, long-term—I thought—commercial flying job. The position was with a start-up company in Toledo, with a brand new helicopter, and the promise of an experience many pilots never have, the chance to start a flight operation from the ground up. It was also the first time I got canned.

HELICOPTER LEASING – Challenges & Opportunities!

By Aubrey Point and Gary Fitzgerald

Pure operating leasing is a relatively new, but fast growing, financial product in the helicopter world.  The numerous benefits of operating leasing are matched by some substantial challenges that are inherent in the structure of the helicopter operator industry.  This article aims to explain these challenges and opportunities for operators and investors alike.

Helicopter Pilot Insurance Coverage Trends
By Rick Lindsey

Helicopter accidents can result in property damage, death or catastrophic injuries.  When things go wrong, there is usually plenty of blame to go around.  Read the headlines today and you’ll see that millions of dollars have been awarded in liability lawsuits. 

Helicopter pilots are trained, highly skilled, cautious and careful professionals who understand the importance of being proactive by double-checking all systems, safety checks, and other factors when piloting a helicopter.  A pilot must be prepared to be thrust into a dangerous or unexpected situation at any moment and have the skills to react quickly.

Avionics Upgrades Breath New Life into Old Birds
by James Careless

The Bell 212 Twin Huey is a venerable rotorcraft, with 45 years of history
under its blades.  Unfortunately, a decades-old helicopter cockpit experiences a lot of wear and tear.  Add analog 'steam gauge' displays, and the result can be a visually shabby, technologically-obsolete cockpit that can compel all but the hardiest of helicopter enthusiasts to pay more for brand new aircraft - even if the older model still has lots of life in it!

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