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Helicopter pilots are no different than members of any other profession.  They, like the others, are human, process oxygen, and possess an ego which drives them to believe “I’m better than so and so.”  I call this the “My daddy can beat up your daddy” syndrome.”  “Look at me…”.

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, an expert on the human condition.  I do, however, believe that we have a responsibility to insure that those who come into this profession behind us deserve the benefit of our great wisdom.  That may seem to be an egotistical statement in and of itself, but hear me out.

By Rex Alexander - Warning and caution signs that every heliport should have to enhance safety and reduce liability.

Ever since the first helicopter landed and took off from a heliport, we as an industry have worked hard to make the heliport environment as safe as possible.  Whether it is obstruction lighting to illuminate surrounding hazards, a safety net surrounding an elevated heliport, or a windsock to indicate the wind direction, many organizations have done everything feasible to insure safety at their heliports.

LAH Trains Rwandan Police Pilots for Police Missions

Kigali, Rwanda - The Law Enforcement Division of Los Angeles Helicopters and Akagera Aviation work together to train Rwandan pilots for the Kigali police department. Akagera recently purchased a new Robinson R44 police helicopter and initiated an Airborne Law Enforcement program for Kigali, the capitol city of Rwanda. The ship is turnkey and complete with the latest and most up to date Police equipment including microwave downlink ability and the latest FLIR systems.

Safety — Where Do the Owner/Operators and Their Management Team Fit In?

By Matt Zuccaro - As you are aware, safety is my favorite topic, as I believe it ultimately affects everything we do in our industry — both in the present and for the future. With this in mind, you would think all owner/operators would have a laser focus on this issue, making it their number one decision criteria. In a perfect world that would be true, but last time I checked not everything we want occurs in the bright reality of day-to-day operations. However, it does not have to be that way.


J.R. Aviation is the leading helicopter operator and flight academy in the Midwest, and has been proudly serving the Greater Louisville area since 1992. We offer training for all FAA Certificates and Ratings, from Private through CFII and ATP. We offer flexible scheduling as well as some of the best training in the country in both ground and flight training. Our training is even more enhanced by one-on-one ground and flight training. This gives our students the full attention of the Certified Flight Instructors (CFI’s), and the ability to move at their own pace and learning style. Our CFI’s are highly experienced not only as instructors but in Commercial Operations as well.  We strive to teach our students a greater technical understanding of what is going on in the helicopter. This teaches the student to anticipate, rather than react to aerodynamic issues with the aircraft. We stress the importance of energy and power management, rules and regulations and what is the right and smart thing to do.

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