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Perceptions of Safety
By Scott Skola

    Safety, safety, safety … with the full court press on safety these days, you would think that the rotorcraft industry would be at that much-revered “zero incidents and accidents” goal by now.  Unfortunately, we’re not.
    When you get down to it, what is safety?  Is it just an analytical state of mind, with a bunch of numbers and ratios proving its success?  Or does it also have a philosophical side, where perception and beliefs play a part in safety success?  The short answer—it’s both.  So, if a company wants no incidents and accidents—and every employee goes to work with the intention of not causing an incident or accident—why do we continue to come up short? 

My Two Cents Worth (Rotorcraft Pro February 2014 Issue) by Randy Mains

What does it mean to you to be a professional?  With that thought in mind, do you possess the attributes of a professional?  What do you think are essential qualities of a true professional?  Conversely, what qualities would you consider to be found in someone who is not a professional?  Considering what it takes to be professional – and unprofessional – will make you aware of what we all strive to be: a true professional in our chosen occupation.

Meet a Rotorcraft Pro – Henrik Bjorklund

RPMN: What is your current position?
I’m a saw pilot at Rotor Blade.

RPMN: What does Rotor Blade do?
We perform aerial sidewall trimming of utility line rights-of-way.  This is done with a ten-bladed saw that’s suspended below the aircraft.

RPMN: Tell me about your first flight.
It was my very first flight lesson at Bristow Academy in Florida.  I absolutely loved how the helicopter maneuvered through the air and the sensation of hovering; hanging motionless in the air was absolutely fantastic.  I had never been in a helicopter before I left Sweden and came to Bristow Academy, not even on the ground.  So, when my instructor asked if I wanted to do an autorotation I simply said, “Yeah, sure,” and was wondering what he was talking about.  I was in for a surprise.

By Ryan Mason By all indications, the helicopter simulation industry is booming.  With the steady introduction of new helicopter models from several manufacturers, the simulation equivalents o...

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