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Electrical utilities are constantly trying to keep up with ever increasing United States demand.  Currently there are about 160,000 miles of electrical transmission lines 110Kv and above on the nation’s expanding grid.

Three huge Nigerians rushed forward and mobbed Dave. A sack was pulled over his head and he was bundled quickly away from the bar and into a waiting minivan. One of the Nigerians began wildly firing his AK above the heads of the others as a warning to stay back and Dave found out later that the guard outside the bar had been held at gunpoint while they made their abduction. The whole thing was over in less than a minute and Dave was now being driven at speed away from the township, and was getting a few punches and kicks from his captors as they showed they meant business. 

My very first flight was in a fixed-wing, a J-3 Cub, as a 13-year old Civil Air Patrol cadet.  My first helicopter flight was in a Hiller OH-23 Raven as a 19-year old Army Warrant Officer Candidate at Fort Wolters, Texas.  Although both flights were unbelievably exciting, the more memorable was the Hiller OH-23, mostly due to my inability to maintain any level of control over the aircraft.

Nothing brings a productive day to a screeching halt quicker than a broken aircraft. At the very core of getting the anomaly identified and corrected is that initial interaction between the mechanic and pilot.

By following a few simple suggestions you can fine tune these early communications, improve troubleshooting efficiency, and get the aircraft back online sooner.

Want to hear something shocking?  According to the American Journal of Clinical Medicine (Winter 2009 issue) after assessing past statistics then projecting them forward, they predicted that if you fly in a HEMS helicopter and do that job for twenty years, you face a 40 percent chance of losing your life.

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