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Staying Connected in the Air with the Hawkeye Link
By Lyn Burks

Hi my name is Lyn and I’m an addict. There I said it, I’m an addict. This semi-freeing confession elevates me beyond the stage of denial. Perhaps it’s the first step of many towards curing me of my addiction.

Before you judge me, I’m betting that most of you share my addiction as well. I admit that I love my smart devices. My Droid Razr phone. My iPad2. They are always near. Always keeping me connected to everything I enjoy. My business. My family. My music, photos, books, magazines……..everything.

As a corporate helicopter pilot, I know that my passengers are also addicted to the connectivity that their smart devices provide them. I can see it in their faces once we take off and connectivity is lost. There is the simultaneous grimace while clutching their iPhone4S as they are magically cut off from communicating with the rest of the world until we touch back down to terra firma. This is especially frustrating to passengers on longer flights. Although a passenger may be saving travel time by flying on the helicopter, they feel they could be more productive if they could make phone calls, emails, and text messages during the flight.

There is an in-flight fix for this particular addiction. It is called the HawkeyeLink.

Blue Sky Network (BSN), a leading, global provider of satellite tracking and communication solutions for land, sea, and aviation has created the portable HawkeyeLink Bluetooth device that enables Iridium two-way messaging on users' smart phones in the helicopter. After downloading the custom BSN app, HawkeyeLink uses Bluetooth technology to connect to an Android smart device (iOS app in development). Crew and passengers can now utilize their smart devices over the Iridium Network for portable, hands-free communication anywhere in the air.

HawkeyeLink's full capabilities are only available when used with the Blue Sky Network's D1000A/C modems. It can send email messages through the Iridium network to Blue Sky Network's SkyRouter portal or any email address. Users of Blue Sky Network D1000 series with optional ACH1000 can quickly deploy and enjoy Bluetooth connectivity with HawkeyeLink via Blue Sky Network's unique bulkhead adapter that is easily installed into the control panel.

The key features of HawkeyeLink include:

  • Bluetooth device and automatic service discovery
  • Send and receive messages through the Iridium Network on Android smart phones and tablets
  • Connect up to 30 meters away

Enjoy Iridium connectivity and communications without specialized handset

"Blue Sky Network's HawkeyeLink is a natural progression of wireless communications in aircraft," said Jon Gilbert, founder and CEO of Blue Sky Network. "This solution is elegant and simple. All you need to do is download an app from the Android store, and you are ready to use your own mobile phone or tablet for communication over the global Iridium network."

Helicopters by function are meant to increase efficiency. It’s why our passengers and clients use them. Smart devices and connectivity, although addictive, are what our clients want. I say give them what they want and feed the addiction. An efficient, productive customer is a happy customer. www.blueskynetwork.com


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