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Subject: Agusta 109 K2 Performance issue
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05/07/2008 3:29 PM  
I am currently flying an Agusta 109K2. I have been flying this aircraft for about 3 years and logged about 300+ hours in it. About a year ago this aircraft went into the shop for a 2400 hr inspection of the Main Rotor gear box. When it came out I as well as the other 3 pilots who fly her think she is lacking a good bit of performance about 30-40% less than before. We have performed many engine power checks and the engines are fresh out of turbomecca overhaul. The engines are making power and then some. WE have tested and re-tested the torque system and calibrated it in conformance to the maintainance manual. As far as we can tell the torque indicating system is functioning to specs. In my experience with the aircraft it feels like we are indicating 100% torque, but only receiving about 75% performance. If you check the charts and run a HOGE it will tell you that it should HOGE at 11,000 feet pa, at gross weight on a 20 degree c day. The aircraft however yesterday would not even make a hoge at 8,000. My feelings about this situation are this.... now mind you I am only a pilot with about 14,000 hrs and 30 years experience, but here goes. FACTS: Aircraft will not perform to HOGE or Climb charts, engine power assurance checks are good. The aircraft went through a major 2400 hr inspection and upon return to service this problem arised. During the inspection the MR trans was disassembled and the rotor head was removed as well. I did some research and discovered that a collective rigging check upon reassembly was not performed. I think the problem is in the collective rigging. I believe the main rotor blades are not achieving the desired angle of attack. At 100% indicated torque the engines are not even close to limits, they are running at 92-93% NG and around 690 on the ITT. These engines are not even working hard.... When I read the collective rigging procedure it stated that; at full up collective stop with 1500 PSI applied to the hydraulics the blades should achieve 11% angle of attack and collective full down should achieve 0 to -3%. Does anyone agree that this could be the problem? INPUT PLEASE!!! Thanks, helobear
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