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Subject: Astar B3 maint 600 hours 24 months etc
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wilson77User is Offline
JH Newbie
JH Newbie

01/15/2012 1:05 AM  
Am fixed wing A&P and employer is looking at getting Astar 350B3.  Our pilot gave me out of date maintenance cd he got from some fbo he was at talking to mech there about astars and gave it to me. Does the 600 hr / 24 month inspection take quite a lot of man hours to do? Reading through manuals it looks pretty involved, remove head and blades, mast and quite a lot more. Would like to hear from any Astar A&P about realistic time required to do this on average. Also if they like working on them and are they hard to maintain.  thanks
BlwilsonUser is Offline
JH Newbie
JH Newbie

01/19/2012 8:36 PM  
yes a 600 hour inspection is a major event you take most everything off a skilled shop can do it in 125 to 250 man hours depending on the age of the airframe and how well it has been kept
toddspuriscalUser is Offline
JH Member
JH Member

02/17/2012 10:20 PM  
Blwilson was pretty close at 250 hrs. Depending on age of aircraft and the number of ICA inspections we did a T1 (600 hr) in 5 days with a lead and 3 experienced mechs with a helper. This was at Heli-One. The above included all the maintenance items and a FEW discrepancies.
The 350B2/B3 are without a doubt a mechanic's dream when it comes to maintenance. I have worked on a lot of different helicopters but in my (not-so-humble) opinion none are as as easy to maintain as the Astar - especially in field conditions. I just took a job as a 407 wrench and it is a real POS compared to a B2 or B3.
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