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Subject: AAIP
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JH Newbie
JH Newbie

05/15/2008 12:56 PM  
I am a pilot interested in a AAIP program for a B-2 and B-3. We use the manufacturers program but want to know if it is possible to reduce the long down time for 500 hour and other inspections. Any idea on cost increases or savings? We operate in a field environment and do fire work in the summer.
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JH Member
JH Member

05/27/2008 11:59 AM  
Your best bet is to have a long sit-down discussion with your Primary Maintenance Inspector. Since you said you are already operating for hire I am assuming you have one of those. He will be able to help you most since he and his supervisor are the ones who will ultimately approve anything you submit along those lines. Be willing to negotiate, you may have to pull some inspections at shorter itervals to get what you want. They (the FAA) will almost never approve extended inspection intervals without mountains of documentation to "prove"that the aircraft can be operated safely. Your OEM tech rep can help in this area also. They can give you advise on timing inspections to keep the bulk of your larger inspections out of your most productive part of the year. Hope this helps.Good luck.
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JH Member
JH Member

08/08/2008 11:16 PM  
I have worked on helicopters both ways, short intervals and long major inspections. For the B2 and B3 it takes about a week to do a 500hr a/f and 600hr eng with about 5 good mechanic and all the stuff ready that normaly aready gets replaced. A week is much better then taking it out of service every 50 or 100 hours unless you don't have a spare or can't cross cover while the ship is down.
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