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Subject: Marten 'Marty' Anderson Memorial
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JH Guru
JH Guru

04/01/2005 1:18 PM  
Marten 'Marty' Anderson died December 17, 2004 of a brain aneurysm. Marty Anderson was the chief pilot for Rodgers Helicopter Company, who contracted with the Good Samaritan Hospital Air Care program in Kearney, Nebraska. He flew a Sikorsky S-76 for 14 years. He was not a job-hopper, and was proud of his ability to "feel" a problem before a dangerous condition could occur. He had no accidents and no violations in 22 years of flying. Marty 7,000 total aircraft hours, 6350 in rotorcraft; 2,800 hours EMS Air Medical; 2,000 hours Offshore; 1,300 hours Mountain time; 1,100 hours Dual-given Instruction. He had 2,800 hours in the S-76; 2,100 hours Bell 206 B/L; 1,000 hours Hughes 500/300. The majority of his flight time was in Colorado, Texas and Nebraska. He was a Vietnam-era veteran, having served as a Nuclear Power machinist's mate on submarines. One of the greatest tests of his skills occurred one evening when a flock of geese struck the S-76 while a patient, two flight nurses and a pilot trainee were onboard. One of the geese struck the main rotors, breaking a tip cap and causing the helicopter to experience a severe wobble; another goose broke the windshield hitting Marty in the chest and arm, and a third goose broke through the chin bubble, lodging underneath the pedals. Marty was able to call in a Mayday, find a suitable, safe emergency landing area avoiding power lines and trees. His skill saved the aircraft and the lives of everyone on board. Quoting from an article written about Marty: "Another memorable flight involved an ATV accident in which the rider was thrown off the vehicle and plummeted down a 20-foot canyon wall. Access by EMS personnel to this victim was hampered by the sharp slopes of the ravine. Furthermore, extrication from the canyon floor would be impossible as the victim would be required to be secured to a backboard and could not be lifted up those tortuous walls. The terrain dictated that rescuers would have to transport the victim along the canyon floor until a safe area could be found in the ravine walls. Marty was able to accurately and thoroughly survey the area from the air and make the determination that the helicopter could be safely hovered to the bottom of the ravine. Within minutes, the Good Samaritan Air Care crew had the patient packaged and the helicopter easily climbed back over the walls and transported the trauma patient to the hospital." He was passionate about motorcycles, and had ridden his Harley to Alaska and the Arctic Circle in July, 2000. Marty is survived by his wife, Jimmi Ann, and his mother, Ethel, both of Kearney, Nebraska. Send Condolences to: Jimmi Ann Anderson 20 W. 103rd Street P.O. Box 146 Kearney, Nebraska 68848-0146 U.S.A. E-mail = roadking@kearney.net
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