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Subject: Checklist for Safety
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09/07/2006 5:50 AM  
We all use checklists to protect the equipment and ultimately ourselves. But I'm curious what we're doing to stay safe that isn't on the checklists. Here's a few, let's hear some of yours... Remove jewelry before the preflight. I recall a movie segment in flight school way back when that showed the result of not removing jewelry. This person jumped off an aircraft and his wedding ring got caught on something. It was graphic and it made a lasting impression on me. And while the medical profession has made great strides forward, there are limits to what they can do. They cannot always reattach a finger; if they can it sure isn't going to work the way it used to. I've also heard of metal band watches, bracelets, or that darn wedding ring contacting electrical components and arcing. That'll get your attention. So guys (and ladies), put the jewelry in your pocket. How many of you wear shoes with "waffle tread" soles? Some patterns are just great for picking up stones, which can then fall out into the tail rotor pedals or the chin bubble, or while preflighting the main rotor system. A stone lodging in the wrong place could ruin your day, and the aircraft. So don't wear that type of shoe when you're flying. Some posts advise not to be rushed before takeoff, to always do one final walk around the entire aircraft. I read of a fixed wing pilot that performed his normal preflight using the check list, all okay. Then he did a walk around the aircraft from a distance. only then did he notice that the flaps were not in synch with each other. So it's possible to be too close to the aircraft to pick up a problem. I'm sure everyone has something to add, be it newbie or old pro. Let's take a fresh look at staying safe! Kirk
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