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Subject: Overflying conflict zones
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JH - Addicted!
JH - Addicted!

07/25/2014 2:40 AM  
I've posted an article on this topic on an Australian forum in light of the shootdown of MH17 in the Ukraine. What a mess! An investigators nightmare in the least. The lack of knowledge of post event procedures in the public and journalists arena is extremely poor and ignorant. that was disappointing enough. I was shocked however with the attitudes of a lot of the low experience timed pilots in the commercial arena who have an attitude that if you're engaged with any form of ballistic technology, that it's a given, you can't do anything! Hogwash! It's certainly not an ideal situation, but the consideration, discussion, practice and application of screening, cover and avoidance maneouvres, particularly at low level, could provide a chance to survive. Why wouldn't you? The ordinance can be found universally now, and considering the inclusion of small arms and lasers, nowhere is 100% sterile. No point being paranoid about it either, but the only time you put your head between your legs is to pick up what you've dropped! I think I could confidently say that the ex military, law enforcement, AME/EMS/ firefighters and all similar have knowingly or unconsciously developed tactical reasoning and awareness of this type of threat regime, and it's very broad. The world is constantly changing as we know, maybe we need to include a threat consideration in briefings instead of waiting for the NOTAM? The requirement also to avoid ordnance of all calibres (maybe not lasers) is definite, hard control imputs to achieve the response rates required. Apart from ag, aerobatics or unusual attitude recovery, is there any other form of training for pilots and crews (apart from defence force) that might cater for this type of profile? (Some of these missiles have a lower level target acquisition of 15 meters height). It's worth at least a round table on what if? What do you reckon? Steve

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JH Master Guru
JH Master Guru

07/28/2014 9:00 PM  
I watched this drama unfold on CNN that day when I was waiting for 329 sailboats to come into Mackinac Island, Michigan from Chicago and looking out my hotel window at the finish line of this 333 mile sailboat race. So, I had a lot of time to watch tv which is unusual. Almost immediately there was a post crash video and some things were already known. This was a conflict zone where some rebels had been shooting down the oppositions cargo planes and other airline carriers had been avoiding this area. Intercepted Communications of social media had allegedly aready labeled these rebels of congratulating themselves for shooting down another "cargo" plane. But it was an airliner that shouldn't have been overflying that conflicflying. and the folks that armed them shouldn't have. I wonder if the pilots were running behind schedule and decided to take that extra risk? I think that we won't see this happen in the near future again. But I also wonder about the earlier Malaysian flight that was 'lost'ovr the Ocean and wonder if there is a correlation with this one? You see, for some reason the earlier flight is completely missing and there has been a campaign of non disclosure on that one. That earlier plane was trying to avoid radar detection and this one would have really benefitted from not being detected by the radar on that surface to air missile. Don't think any of us will encounter these situations in our flying.
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