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Subject: First training / First job, Career outlook?
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JH Newbie
JH Newbie

11/21/2013 6:25 AM  
Hello! first post on this forum, hoping to find people who are in a similar position as me, or have experience in this field and are involved with the careers. I'll try to keep it short, I am trying to get a realistic and honest perception laid out in front of me before I start investing resources into training. I'm 21 and my idealistic goal is to get through the lows of what it takes to chose this as a career, at first glance It looks like a very promising and straight forward road to get qualification for paying jobs. However I know that its probably really unlikely, despite what some sources say. I feel like the outlook for this career is actually not very good for how much of an effort it takes to get to the point where it is possible to start making good wages consistently. I can make it through low hours with limited pay for quite a while, but what does it really take to get the good job? is it worth it? I have a feeling a very small margin of pilots ever get to this point, and those that do probably want to keep their job. Is it an absolute struggle to find work even with the required hours/qualifications? or is it less unforgiving? I would like to make a firm decision based off multiple resources before I start dedicating a significant portion of my life to making stuff happen. Would love to know what you think. Thanks!
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11/21/2013 8:53 PM  
Its as brutal as you think it is! It may work out, it may not, no one can assure you either way. My only advide is, HAVE A BACK-UP PLAN!
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