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Subject: New Guy (Training For Fun)
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JH Newbie
JH Newbie

09/29/2013 5:00 PM  
First off I'm new around here but have a real passion for helicopters and maybe someday training to fly one. With that said I noticed most of you guys want to train for with future employment in mind. Would training strictly for the challenge and for recreation be feasible? I know rental costs or owning a helicopter is immensely more expensive then fixed wing. However I love choppers and have heard they are even safer in some aspects then fixed wing. Any input is appreciated.
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09/30/2013 3:17 PM  
There's nothing wrong with just getting your Private license and flying simply for recreation. Plenty of people (well-to-do people that is) do it! Flight training generally runs around $300/hr, and although the minimum is 40hrs plan on 50-60hrs, just to be sure.

If you're planning on renting, just make sure beforehand that the school will rent to you after your training is done (not all do)! And note, that renting a helicopter for just one hour a month, is like a mid-sized car payment, two hours a month and you're basically buying a Cadillac!
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JH Master Guru
JH Master Guru

10/16/2013 8:41 PM  
Late entry here but a really good way to learn to fly helicopters is buy a cheaper one and hire an instructor. By cheaper I mean B47 Hiller12D or E Hugh's TH55A or a higher time R22. I started with a $19k TH55 back in 1990 and still fly a 12D today all privately but I do hire out for certain jobs to offset costs. I got my commercial early on and keep the Coverage and LOA current for rides photos etc. My exploits probably don't matter much to any real pilots but it's been fun and it can be done.
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JH - Addicted!
JH - Addicted!

10/20/2013 6:46 AM  
Hey plumberpilot, do you have an FAA pilot certificate? That makes you a real pilot too. Just because we do it for a living doesn't make us more masochist, or does it? LOL.

Both previous posts are great answers and I'll echo plumberpilot when he says you can do it cheaper buying your own helicopter. That's what I did to get my airplane certificates. I really never thought I'd work as a pilot since I owned my own communications company and loved my work. Then once I got all the airplane and seaplane pilot and CFI certificates the natural progression in my mind was to learn to fly a helicopter. One problem with that theory was that I liked helicopters so much that I pretty much forgot about airplanes and bought myself an R-22 Mariner. I flew all kinds of flights with that fun ship and maintenance when you own it and fly it correctly is not bad. The rentals get abused so they have to really be on top of them changing parts left and right.

If I don't remember wrong I bought it for around $80k, flew it for over 1500 hours then sold it for around $45k when it was close to rebuild time. Tons of fun !! The only reason I sold it was because I had accepted a job flying EMS and after a while realized that flying for a living then going home to fly more was getting old and I wasn't really resting on my time off.

Now I've been flying EMS here in the States and overseas and it's been a blast these last 8 years. I'm currently flying EMS for PHI Air Medical and love it even more. Funny how when you fly well maintained helicopters with a safe company it all becomes way more enjoyable !


Self discipline is when you do something that you know is right even though you don't want to do it. As a professional and safe pilot you have to maintain control over your desires & emotions. Have INTEGRITY and great WORK ETHIC and you'll succeed in life.
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