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Subject: Helicopter Services.
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05/10/2013 9:02 PM  
https://www.pawanhans.co.in/site/home.aspx https://www.pawanhans.co.in/site/inner.aspx?status=2&menu_id=93 https://www.pawanhans.co.in/site/inner.aspx?status=2&menu_id=108 https://www.pawanhans.co.in/site/inner.aspx?status=3&menu_id=129 https://www.pawanhans.co.in/site/inner.aspx?status=3&menu_id=47 https://www.pawanhans.co.in/site/inner.aspx?status=3&menu_id=44 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n34EwQaR5E0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFVsiE1jdcM Helicopter Training Program Course offered by Pawan Hans Ltd. ------------------ 1. Is there any Age eligibility criteria for the Helicopter Training Program ?. Can retired people i.e. age over 55 years can undergo for this training ?. If No, Can you please state the reasons ?. Example : 4 Wheeler Motor Training course of 1-2 months duration do not have any age eligibility. 2. What are the Fees and Duration for the course offered ?. 3. Will the Helicopter Training Program cover the Helicopter flying experience for the Training participant ?. i.e. After completing the course, the training participant would be able to fly the rented Helicopter offered by Pawan Hans Ltd. Point 1 & Point 3 ------------------------ Don't you feel there should be no age eligibility criteria i.e. 30 years and above can also enroll for the course ?. The Motor Driving schools in India do not keep any age criteria for training 4 Wheeler i.e. Cars, Jeeps etc so why keep age eligibility criteria for Helicopter Training Program ? The Helicopter Maintenance course contents can be revised to include Practical demonstration of Helicopter Flying User Experience which will after successfully completing the course will give a valid Helicopter flying licence to the Training Participant. Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
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