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Subject: R22 MR Temp Light Inoperative - Legal to Fly?
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JH Member
JH Member

02/11/2013 2:07 PM  
Hi and thank you all for any feedback. I know the practical answer to this - "I wouldn't fly with a MR Temp light inoperative", but what is the position regarding regulations? Firstly I would check the day VFR required equipment (91.205) - and the MR Temp Light is not on that list. So now I go to inoperative equipment 91.213(d) and this is where it gets a bit less clear to me. It seems to say that as long as the instrument/equipment is not required for day VFR (91.205), not "Indicated as required on the aircraft's equipment list" (the R22 POH?) and the aircraft doesn't have a MEL then it is OK to fly without the equipment being operational - as long as the pilot removes/placards (remove the bulb?) and doesn't consider it a hazard to safe flight (which is subjective). I would conclude that legally, if it was a short flight maybe to a repair facility, you could legally fly with the MR Temp Light pulled (that is my version of removed/placarded). What do you guys think - legally? I want to know because I want to make sure I tell my students the correct thing. And this issue doesn't just apply to the MR Temp light, what about other equipment/instruments not on the day VFR or POH lists of required equipment? (Heater, Carbon Monoxide light, VSI, etc). Like I said the practical advice for this example would be "call the mechanics/don't fly etc" but I would appreciate some clarification on the legal issue. Many thanks Jay
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JH Newbie
JH Newbie

02/17/2013 10:12 PM  
There is another side of the legal issue that has nothing to do with the FAR's. Let's say that you do fly this aircraft, and that by some stroke of horrible luck you have an accident in which someone else is hurt or killed. How do you think it's going to go when you're on the witness stand and the opposing attorney asks you "Did you knowingly fly the aircraft with part of the caution/warning system inoperative?" How do you think that's going to play out with the grieving family in the gallery?
Even if the FAR's say you're legal that does not relieve you of your responsibility as Pilot in Command to use your brain and make good safe decisions. Even if you are FAR legal, I doubt very much that it would protect you from civil liability. I'm sure that there are others on this forum who are in a more informed positioned to comment on that aspect.
Legal or not we are talking about peoples lives, yours and other. Be safe, and teach your students that sometimes they need to say "no".
Sorry for answering a question that you weren't necessarily asking, but there are things to consider outside of 14 CFR.
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JH Member
JH Member

02/18/2013 4:22 PM  
Cheers Wayne - I agree!
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