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Subject: Going Away
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SupremoUser is Offline
JH - Addicted!
JH - Addicted!

01/16/2013 9:54 AM  
To my old friends and some of the newer ones I wanted to say I'm leaving. Been mostly enjoyable here and hope I passed along some good stuff to the younger guys. Age is finally catching up to me and I have a harder time jumping over duplexes without aid of a ladder. That is really distressing. Obviously not faster than a speeding bullet as was proven 25-26 years ago and the old timers remember that one. I had hoped to fly with a local guy in his 47G3B2 and show him some new tricks but maybe he showed more sense than I do. He hasn't called to schedule. An old friend of mine up in Alaska said he was showing signs of Alzheimers and I am starting to wonder if the same isn't true of me? It has been a great time here in JH and the forum, and there has been a lot of good info passed along. I'll check back in for the next couple of weeks and then call it quits and get offline. Here is your best time to take shots and call it like you see it. I know I have been a pompous aszhole at times but could always back it up with facts or experience, or references. Been a great life filled with lots of good friends, pilots and mechanics as well as the ground support people. I think the support people get forgotten in the shuffle but they are part of the team and not to be ignored. Semper Fi Rocky

Risk is the price you pay to avoid a dull life.
ospreydriverUser is Offline
JH Veteran
JH Veteran

01/16/2013 10:19 AM  
While flying is something that has to end sooner or later for all of us, sharing the stories and wisdom from a lifetime of doing it doesn't. It probably helps keep you young. I hope that even if you aren't in the cockpit, that you'll stop by and drop some knowledge on us.

As someone once said,"When I die, I hope I go peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather. Not screaming in terror, like the passengers in his plane."

DwaineParkerUser is Offline
JH - Addicted!
JH - Addicted!

01/17/2013 8:21 AM  
Rocky, I hate to see that you are officially retiring. In doing so only reminds me that my day will also come sooner than later. Words can not express how much I appreciate your advice, wisdom and friendship over the years. If it were not for you and many of the other "Old timers" on this forum, my career starting out as a helicopter pilot would not have taken the path that it has or been as rewarding as it is! Although the good old days of great discussions on this forum have long since gone away, the memories will last forever with me. I respect your difficult decision that we all will have to make one day but rejoice in knowing that I personally knew a wonderful man, pilot and friend who made a positive impact on our industry in your professionalism and positive character traits. Enjoy your retirement with your wife and son! It should go without saying but if you ever need anything, I am only a phone call or email away. God bless you Rocky and please stay in touch!!! Your friend, Dwaine
pilot135pdUser is Offline
JH - Addicted!
JH - Addicted!

01/17/2013 9:56 AM  
I have to echo the sentiments of all here, and the ones that will come out of the woodwork again. I wrote a long post and then after reading it I erased it all and started again because it sounded to me like a eulogy. You're not dead and far from it, you're retiring so it's just another chapter in your life and just the fact that you can retire is an accomplishment in itself in this day and age.

I've enjoyed reading your accomplishments and your advice and I'm so happy I got the phone call from Dwaine, actually the voicemail because I had gone to bed really late last night studying for a job interview and missed his call, I knew I had to sign in to the site and leave you a message here.

I also had the privileged of not only learning from Rocky's posts here over the years but also of getting first hand advice and words of wisdom over the phone back when I was going to fly in the Middle East. I've only been licensed in 3 countries outside of the USA so my first thought was "ask Rocky if he's been there and what should I expect" and hearing your advice was something very comforting.

I agree with Dwaine that the days of great discussions here are gone and maybe it's a little our fault too for not being around as often but I really wish the new members would go back and read how it was before instead of just signing up, asking a question, "rationalizing it", then leaving. There is so much information in this side of the forum, yeah the other side might be entertaining although sad most of the time with the bickering, but here you'll get the experience of a pilot and a gentleman like Rocky.

Darn Dwaine you didn't leave me things to say, but at least I got here before Gene who is the master when he starts posting, so I also have to agree with you when I say that Rocky is an example of how it should be done in the aviation world.

I'll be here until my day comes so if you ever want to come back and chime in that would be great and we expect you won't be bored with your family but every once in a while I hope you get a little bit "aviation homesick" and decide to come here and post something.

Just because you're retiring doesn't mean we can't keep learning from your experience. God bless you and maybe one day on my drive down to Florida again I might be able to swing by and meet you in person like I've done with Dwaine, Gene, Bob, ....

Your friend,

Self discipline is when you do something that you know is right even though you don't want to do it. As a professional and safe pilot you have to maintain control over your desires & emotions. Have INTEGRITY and great WORK ETHIC and you'll succeed in life.
FH1100PilotUser is Offline
JH - Addicted!
JH - Addicted!

01/17/2013 6:32 PM  
Hey, you're just retiring- you're not dying. Why quit posting? You still have tons of knowledge and wisdom to dispense; just because you're not doing it full-time anymore doesn't mean you're suddenly irrelevant or obsolete.

Or...are you saying that because you won't be flying anymore you want nothing at all to do with aviation? That'd be a crime, man. I don't fly much anymore, and don't plan to, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna quit being a pompous a-hole on these forums.

Come on...stick around, pops. Us younger guys can still benefit from what you have to say <img

But if you don't, I'll understand. In any event, take care of yourself, your wife and that (how old is he now?) young child.


P.S. I saw you once at KBFM a while back. I think. I had come in on a King Air from out of the country and we were sequestered as the Customs people interrogated us with the third, fourth and fifth degrees. I saw a (ahem) mature guy in a "U.S. Marines" shirt come through and didn't realize until after you were gone that you were you. Sorry.
FraxPilotUser is Offline
JH - Addicted!
JH - Addicted!

01/17/2013 9:26 PM  
Rocky, as you well know, there's no such thing as an "Ex" Marine, and similarly there's no such thing as an ex-pilot. 

As with everyone else on this forum, I have benefited and learned a great deal from your tutelage, guidance and mentorship through the years, and for that I am eternally grateful. To an even greater extent however, I am thankful to count you among my friends (even though we've never met face to face).

It is always a pleasure to read about your adventures and misadventures, and the wisdom you've imparted on us all through the years has no doubt saved lives with the lessons learned. Like Bob, I too hope you'll reconsider leaving the forum altogether, but will certainly respect your decisions whatever they may be.

You know, it may sound a bit hokey, but it's the truth. I've wanted for many years now, to make my way down to your neck of the woods and take you to lunch so I can shake your hand and hear those stories first hand. Hopefully I'll get that chance one of these days. Perhaps we can even have a "reunion" of sorts, and get Dwaine, Carlos, Bob, Cem, and anyone else I've missed and have a big ol' BBQ.

Ok, enough with the grandiose ideas. I will leave you tonight with my sincere thanks, appreciation, admiration and respect. This industry is far better because of you and your contributions Sir. I wish you and your family nothing but the very best in your retirement and/or future endeavors. Please do keep in touch from time to time.

Blue Skies and Tailwinds Always,


P.S. Carlos, thanks for the kind words! I'm not worthy!

JDHelicopterPilotUser is Offline
JH - Addicted!
JH - Addicted!

01/20/2013 2:43 PM  

While we never met I have nothing but the highest regard and respect for you. I don't know how I could follow what some of our other friends have already said. I echo their thoughts. While you may have decided it was time to park the aircraft for good, you will always be a pilot. I truly hope you will continue to hang out here with us and share your thoughts and experiences. I wish you all the best in retirement but hope to continue to read your posts well into the future.
plumberpilotUser is Offline
JH Master Guru
JH Master Guru

01/23/2013 8:18 AM  
Rocky thanks for all the posts and input enjoy what you can and endure the rest all the best!

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