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Subject: Private Costs
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JH Newbie
JH Newbie

12/04/2012 10:35 PM  
I'm sure this has been talked about before but... I am trying to figure out some options for starting school. I am just trying to get a straight answer from someone (not a school) on real costs for a private rating. The more recent the better. I am just wondering how many hours it took you and roughly what it cost you. I am at a pivot point with getting started where I am either going to start in a college degree program (because I can get loans) or start paying as I go. Ultimately I would be entering a college degree program at the Instrument rating if I got my private paying as I go for time reasons. I am just not feeling like I am getting the whole story from the school on the actual costs of, say, a 45 hour private rating in a R22. Anyway, your advice is well appreciated. Thanks, Chris
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12/05/2012 12:24 AM  
I got my private rating in around 60 hours, which from most of the other pilots I've talked with seems about average (although, I was on the "200 hour" plan, so we took our time, did a few extra xc flights, etc..). However, it really depends on how frequently you fly. Figure $300/hr just for flight. Ground depends on just how much you can teach yourself and how huch you need explained to you?
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JH Member
JH Member

12/07/2012 1:21 PM  
I am currently 25 hours into my private rating. I am paying $227/Hr in the R22 including the fuel surcharge and $25/hr for my instructor for both ground and flights training. I am trying to finish as close to the 40 hour minimum as I can but right now I am looking at 50 to 55 hours. The guys I have spoken to out here finished their private between 50 to 60 hours. Check with Utah Valley University and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. They have degree plans tailored for student pilots. You may be able to combine getting your pilots lic with a degree. ERAU accepts FAA flight ratings for credits toward aviation degrees. Both schools along with UH have flight schools attached to them as well though that would require you relocating if you do not already live close to them.
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JH Newbie
JH Newbie

12/10/2012 1:37 PM  
I would agree with raven and NavyDoc. 50-60 hours is, in my experience, probably a good estimate if training is not too interupted. 45 hours, while not impossible (has been done before), is somewhat improbable (not by many). I would recommend caution about basing your decisions including financial planning on such promises. BTW, because you mentioned joining a college program since you can get loans for that. There are loan programs for flight training that do not require you to join a college. And flight training through colleges, i.e. ERAU or UND, can get pricy very quickly.
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