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Subject: Helmet Opinions Needed
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08/14/2012 5:50 PM  
I have an opportunity to buy either a HHC SPH 4B or a Gentex SPH 4B. I'm familiar with HHC and know they have a great reputation, but I know nothing (value,longevity, safety etc) about their helmet/shell. I'd like to know what your thoughts are on which would be the better purchase. Below are the specs on the 2 helmets.

HHC 2011 vs Gentex 1991 ( surplus helmet never used)
HHC coiled cord vs Gentex straight cord
HHC has CEP connector ( don't know if I will ever spring for the earbuds or even want to use it)
HHC comfort liner vs Gentex TPL
Both have dual visors
Both have civi comms
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JH Member
JH Member

08/19/2012 6:27 AM  
I own an SPH4 Gentex (Navy Version) since early 1990's... It has served me well on all my missions that involved a rotor craft. Still looks like new too! Any protection is better than no protection at all! For me personally, I just think that the Gentex looks like a helicopter helmet. RP
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JH Master Guru
JH Master Guru

08/19/2012 6:37 PM  
If your going to go with the 4 then it might be good to look at the 5. Also weight is a big issue when using the helmet for long hours. I decided to pass the SPH over all together for the Gentex hgu56/p and it was a much better helmet. I bought a mil surplus one and changed out the microphone and ear cup speakers to civie impedance for a total of $450. The most I wore it in one day was 8.3hours of HOGE time. It was not bad after all that.

Weight is the key and in that case if money is not a huge thing then the MSA LH250 or LH350 as well as the Alpha eagle helmets excel in the weight area over the SPG and HGU.

Hope that helps.
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JH Newbie
JH Newbie

08/20/2012 2:27 PM  
I by no means am an expert on the subject, but...
I currently have an hgu56p, and is a great helmet. I had looked into the msa and alpha brands prior to but found some points of interest. The impact eating I wound indicated that the sph was the best with the hug coming in second...if I recall the other brands were distant in impact resistance. Second, if I understand correctly, government contracts require specific equipment including approved boots, clothing, and helmets. I know the hug and sph helmets are approved but am not sure about the other brands/types.

I am not familiar with HHC but am with Gentex and I know Gibson Barnes has Gentex helmets for sale which you can customize.
Coiled cord
Cep . You can install cep yourself, it's not that hard. The kit costs about $150 if you buy it yourself and install cep-USA.com
The tpu lining sucks unless you know someone who can mold it to your head shape then it's ok, either way I would go to Oregon aero and get heir head insert. $100

Kudos to you for adding a helmet to your kit.
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