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Subject: When on hitch...
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jlewisUser is Offline
JH Veteran
JH Veteran

04/12/2012 10:16 AM  
Got some questions for those who work the 14/14 or 7/7 shifts. When on hitch are you required to stay on the base or can you go home for the 12 hours off? (If you lived near by of course) Do most companies require the pilot to live within a certain range of the base if they do choose to leave during the "off" time? How many of you chose the workover option and how did you like it? Did it work well with the family? Thanks.
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JH Newbie
JH Newbie

04/19/2012 4:38 PM  
I preferred the 14/14. More time off consecutively to go on trips. When I worked in the GOM you could live anywhere and commute. I commuted from San Diego. I believe that has now changed, they want you within a 500 mile range of HQ. You can leave base. Most people don't live within range of their base though to go home at night. Alot of the bases aren't anywhere you'd want to be full time, and contracts can change often requiring you to move bases. Often people will pick an area they like in the GOM region and travel to work and stay there for the hitch. How is it on families you ask? I think it depends. Ever heard of AIDS? (aviation induced divorce syndrom) I was single during my GOM experience but I think it certainly had its challenges for those with families. If you drive to work it is much easier to accept workover because you don't have plane ticket change fees. workover is fairly common and a good way to earn some extra cash.
CFIISanDiegoUser is Offline
JH Guru
JH Guru

03/23/2013 8:44 PM  
Hello, I've been with PHI for about 7 years. Here they offer 7/7 or 14/14. When I started they wanted people living within 500 miles of Lafayette, and while it is no longer required, they definitely prefer you to live close. They will pay for the move too. We moved to Houston and, luckily, I landed a job out of Galveston, 75 miles door to door. It was nice, the family would come down to the beach and hang out when I had weather days, or I'd go home sometimes after work. Back then I'd estimate that 70% of the pilots were on a 7/7 rotation. Recently, however, that number has flipped. I personally prefer the 14s. This may sound stupid, but 7 days off weren't enough. By the time you got the chores done you only had a few days to relax then it was right back to work. I also moved back home to Utah a couple years ago, it seems like a ton of guys commute from far away now. It has been working great for me and my family. Living where we choose has been the best thing. We are near family and friends now so the wife doesn't complain at all any more. You know, happy wife = happy life. Do not plan on being home every night if you work out here. You may start your hitch in Texas and end in B.F.E. Louisiana, like Boothville. Trying to stay in one location rarely works out long term as jobs change. Additionally it may hurt your career path. I stayed in small ships too long because I didn't want to give up Galveston. To your other question, yes, if you live near your base you can go home. And I don't know what you mean by "choosing the workover option". They just call and ask; if you can, great, if not, no biggie. With living far away there is less likelihood of getting a lot of workover. But, if they ask you then they will likely pay for the flight change if they are desperate. Hope this helps, Keith

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gunmonkeyUser is Offline
JH Member
JH Member

10/25/2013 1:34 PM  
When you're on hitch, staying in the quarters, where do you eat? It may seem like a silly question... but do you have a dining facility or some other place? I would imagine there are a group of guys all in the quarters together so a cafeteria wouldn't be outrageous. I'm sure you can cook whatever you like, but are there other options?
xb105drvrUser is Offline
JH Veteran
JH Veteran

01/05/2014 8:31 AM  
At PHI, the trailers had equipped kitchens. They ranged from enough cookware to little. They all had two refrigerators, a stove, and a microwave. Either you bring your groceries with you or buy it on the way in. Caution, pool pilots get slung all over the place, ergo, don't buy more than 2-3 days of food at a time or you will most likely lose it. One cafeteria that I know of. Houma has loads of places to eat with in easy driving (5-15) minutes. Boothville, bring what you need (they do have some Dollar Generals that sell food); Fouchon - you are screwed = bring your food; Grand Isle - the only cafeteria available to pilots (great food and free); Morgan City - 10-30 minute drive to restaurants; Lafayette - loads of restaurants; Intercoastal-local store that sells food and down the road, good access; Lake Charles - 5-20 minutes to restaurants/stores; Galveston - great access. There are a few other bases that slip my mind. One is South of Lake Charles and it is remote with at least one Dollar Store. Hope this helps. Bob
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