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Subject: Schweizer losing out to Sikorsky bigwigs
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JH Newbie
JH Newbie

02/07/2012 3:08 PM  
Sikorsky would just as soon as terminate the light helicopter line than put any money / support into it. They bought it for the cheap labor in upstate NY to outsource the foreign military Black Hawk sales (final assy and flight ops) Lazy CT Teamsters rate of $30 / hr versus lazy Schweizer UAW rate of $18.99 / hr. They make the airframe parts in China now (thanks to me.....Chines rate of $2 per hr). The old Schweizer (Hughes) helicopters are being moved to Keystone Helicopter in Downingtown this year (NON-UNION,,,,,,,who would have guessed? want fries with that $8 / hr job said the lazy ex-UAW union mechanic?) If the American unions would just actually WORK an 8 hr day, none of this would be necessary. So much for AmerICAN pride.
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JH - Addicted!
JH - Addicted!

02/09/2012 12:54 AM  
Unionization is only one piece of the puzzle. It's not a cure all. But it can be an asset.
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JH Master Guru
JH Master Guru

02/09/2012 11:25 PM  
Didn't United Technologies (parent company to Sikorsky) buy Schweizer because of the cash stream on another military aircraft that was profitable and got the ex-Hughes stuff with it?  Are you sure that this wasn't just a business decision from a very profitable company that figured it made business sense at the time?   The Sikorsky bigwigs obviously answer to the parent company United Technologies bigger bigwigs. 
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