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Subject: Build Time in an R44
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03/31/2008 11:20 AM  
I'm a single pilot Part 135 operator based near Phoenix, AZ. I often get calls for photo flights starting one or more hours away from my base. Because I have to include the ferry costs in my quotes, I sometimes lose business because I can't beat closer, higher-priced operators. In an effort to cut costs, I'm interested in finding pilots to accompany me in my 2005 Robinson R44 Raven II on these ferry flights. The pilot would fly from the left seat as PIC from my base to the destination and probably back the same or next day. The pilot would be able to log the time and get valuable cross-country experience. The fee for this: $200/hobbs hour. The pilot would cover all of his overnight and ground transportation expenses. I'm doing this with a Seattle-based CFI in May; he'll be logging 10-12 hours of flight time on what promises to be a very interesting cross-country flight. I have possible upcoming ferry flights returning from central Washington State to either the Phoenix area or Page, AZ; from Phoenix or Page to Las Vegas; from Reno to Phoenix or Page; and more. On some of these jobs, the ferry pilot may be able to accompany me on my photo flight. I sometimes need a front-seat observer; a pilot weighing less than 180 pounds can fill this role and gain valuable experience about this kind of work. Dual controls will NOT be in for actual photo flights, so the time cannot be logged and would be free. For insurance purposes, I have minimum requirements for ferry pilots: - Helicopter CFI - Robinson Factory Safety Course - R44 Endorsement - SFAR 73 Endorsement - At least 250 hours in helicopters - No accidents or incidents I am not a CFI and cannot give flight instruction. The fee I am asking is BELOW my operating costs. The helicopter would NOT be available for solo flight. Although the pilot can do all the fight planning on any flight, I must approve the route. Time flown on routes considerably longer than a direct route will be charged at a higher rate; I cannot subsidize time-building efforts. At this time, I'm building an e-mail list of qualified, interested pilots. My plan is to e-mail everyone on the list when a flight becomes available. The first person to accept the flight would get it. The e-mail list would not be used for ANY other purpose. It would not generate spam, be shared with others, etc. If you're interested in this, please use the contact form at http://www.flyingmair.com/contact-us/ Be sure to provide information about your qualifications, as well as at least one reference. Please do NOT contact me on this forum. I cannot follow it regularly and will likely not see your post.
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