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Subject: A Sikorsky accident happened in the past;some questions??
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JH - Addicted!
JH - Addicted!

12/29/2005 2:18 AM  
Hi Friends; Yesterday night i had been watching TV,a program named "The Most Thrilling Moments" caught my attention.The No.1 Moment was a sikorsky accident. Shortly;the story:Some of the climbers were on the move to climb to the most visited mountain in USA,i guess in Colorado.During their climb,one of them slipped and began to drift and as they were attached he pulled three of his friends with him.Unfortunately;they could not evade from falling down to a deep precipice.They called for help and a SAR mission was initiated. An UH-60 took off immidiately,it took a little time for UH-60 to find the wounded climbers.The altitude was about some 9000 feet. The chopper began hovering and the crew prepared for rescue operation with hoist. It was that moment:The chopper lost its stability and began to move backwards and forwards then yawed left suddenly,it seemed to me the pilot was struggling to re-control the helicopter. Finally ;the main rotor hit the terrain and the chopper crashed. What i saw on TV screen,something was interesting: At the beginnig of the hover,everything was normal,but after a short while,when the crew commenced to hoist up the wounded climber,the main rotor blades' angle of attack began to increase slightly,and that increase had continued till the uncontrollable movement began.Thanks GOD; no one was hurt.The snow acted like an airbag. I certainly believe some of us know about this accident.I am really curious about reasons. Please,notify me where i can find something related to this accident or if you have an opinion,feel free to share with me.I am sure it is about aerodynamic. Thanks for reading.Land Safely MERT

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